A guide to nightlife in Lake Garda

As far as nightlife goes on your Lake Garda holiday, you’re looking at a scene that’s relatively easy-going. Much of the after hours fun here involves restaurants with sleek, well-stocked bars that become little clubs of their own come sundown. But there’s an exception to every rule, and in Lake Garda that comes in the form of a few wild warehouse-style clubs to help make sure avid partygoers get their fix of brightly-coloured cocktails and huge dance floors.

Waterfront watching at Sailing Bar, Riva del Garda

The Sailing Bar sits right on the docks of Lake Garda, so it isn’t difficult to imagine sailors coming in after a long day on the water for a glass of something cold. The majority of the seating here is clustered on an outside terrace, some covered and some open, while around the tables sit chairs and benches furnished with plush pillows. Wednesdays see DJ sessions and bands take the stage, but whatever night you visit you can expect cocktails and beers on tap, plus little nibbles in the interim.

Endless dancing at Art, Desensanzo

Art is a household institution in Desensanzo, part show, part nightclub, but all good fun. There are three rooms in total, each of which boasts a different genre of music. This helps ensure everybody has a reason to dance. And if that isn’t enough, there’s a long list of cocktails to loosen you up too.

Sleek meets chic at Hollywood, Bardolino

Hollywood is Lake Garda’s token glamorous club, complete with crystal chandeliers high over a pool, throne-like chairs, plush beds for lounging, ample neon lighting and dance floors so big you’ll get lost on them. As for cocktails, expect them to be of the handmade variety. Glitzy as it is, Hollywood doubles as a restaurant too, so spending an entire evening here – and the very early hours of the morning – is easily done.

Live shows at Sestino Beach, Desenzano

Sestino Beach is a nightlife spot of many colours. The live shows here are something to shout about, whether it be a band, DJ, or performance art – you’re sure to be impressed. Its sleek interior with chic white sofas and a spacious dance floor will lure you in regardless of the club’s official schedule. As for drinks, you’ve got wine, cocktails and beer on tap, so you can consider all of your bases sufficiently covered.

Craft ale at Asso Club, Bardolino

As far as bars go, the Asso Club is relatively laid-back and a hidden gem in Lake Garda. It attracts a mostly local crowd and is a relative unknown among tourists enjoying Italian Lakes holidays. So, if you’re looking to experience a little bit of the Bardolino nightlife culture you’ve undoubtedly come to the right place.

The bar is well-stocked with beer, including craft ale, along with wine and spirits too. It functions as a restaurant during the day and into the evening, but don’t let the subdued atmosphere put you off. Drinks are likely to come with little bar snacks, so you’re sure to be well looked after in these parts.