Selva Val Gardena Holidays 2024/2025

The idyllic village of Selva Val Gardena is located right below the majestic Sella mountain ranges. There’s always something to do in this quaint area of Italy, from beautiful scenic hikes to discovering the village’s infamous intricate wood carvings, making this area an artistic pilgrimage.

Selva Val Gardena Holiday Deals

Unparalleled mountain ranges waiting to be explored

There’s no denying it, Selva Val Gardena’s natural beauty is the number one reason holidaymakers visit this area of Italy. This small village is located right at the bottom of the Sella group of mountains, a plateau shaped massif that are world-renowned, and UNESCO World Heritage site, the Dolomites.

The views from the hotels and bed and breakfasts are simply extraordinary, with towering mountain ranges filling the skyline and sunsets unparalleled as they dip below the peeks.

One of the best ways to fully enjoy this scenic destination during a holiday to the Italian Lakes is by taking a drive through the Gardena Pass. The road conditions are perfectly maintained and you can take a drive up to the Sella mountains, reaching a height of 2136 metres.

If you are an avid photographer or painter, the views travelling along the Gardena Pass are second to none, and there are numerous spots to stop and take in the exhilarating surroundings.

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  • Discover a hidden castle

    The Castello Wolkenstein is a fortification built into the side of the mountain rage. A steep walk up this mountain leads you to the entrance, where you can explore the inside and enjoy the fantastic views from the openings. Too small to house many soldiers, The Castello Wolkenstein was used as a lookout point and shelter from the harsh weather.

    This interesting piece of history was built in the 13th century and over the years has been owned by numerous families. Today it’s a free sightseeing opportunity and inside its exterior walls you can see the courtyard, complete with columns and traces of paintings on the wall.

    Go straight to the top

    No matter what time of year you book your Italy holiday, the Alps in Selva Val Gardena are always open for business. Catch a ride in the Ciampinoi cable cars and soar high above Selva Val Gardena, taking in views of the incredible mountain ranges as you go straight to the top. Once you’ve made it up there’s plenty to do, including hiking the numerous well maintained trails or catching some air as you paraglide down to the base.

    The hiking trails suit every fitness level as there is very little elevation gain, and walking from the Ciampioni cable cars you can hike a round-trip to the Sella Pass and take in gorgeous views along the way. You’ll see a huge range of visitors on these paths, from experienced hikers to families strolling along taking in the scenery. If you love the great outdoors, hiking in Selva Val Gardena is for you.

    Dust off those skates

    If you’re travelling with any little ones, or if you’re just an avid skater yourself, the Palaghiaccio Sportstadion Pranives makes for an excellent family day out. This indoor skating track is less than a five minute walk from the centre of Selva Val Gardena and has an option of both ice hockey and figure skates for rent.

    Skate around this large open rink as music plays in the background, and then stop and grab a drink to warm up or a fresh slice of pizza in the sports stadium’s pizzeria. This skating rink is also home to a local hockey team and if you’re lucky enough, you might catch a game or two.

    Wood carvings a plenty

    Selva Val Gardena is known for its intricate wooden carvings, created by numerous local artists around the village. These can be bought at several stores including the fantastic art collective house the Arte Garenese.

    Here you’ll find displays after displays of fine carvings, including coo-coo clocks, Christmas trees, cribs, wooden chests, nativity scenes and many other wooden sculptures. You’ll definitely be tempted to pick up one of these one-of-a-kind artistic carved souvenirs, reminding you of your time in the idyllic village of Selva Val Gardena.


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