A guide to food and drink in Thassos

Thassos’ growing popularity with tourists has led to a whole host of excellent eateries opening up all over the island. These range from haute cuisine served in elegant surroundings to no-nonsense souvlaki and snacks in fast-food joints. As such, there’s food to suit most tastebuds and budgets in the variety of tavernas, restaurants and snack bars that populate the island.

Exploring Thassos' delicacies

Foodies who base much of their holiday schedule around their stomach will definitely want to try some of the local delicacies, including pitarkia, a light fritter made of sliced, spiced and minted courgette. The traditional Greek favourites of lamb moussaka and kleftiko are firm fixtures on Thassos’ menus. And chefs here are not shy when it comes to serving up fresh fish and seafood.

Honey and olive oil are among the top local ingredients Thassos produces, both of which regularly make an appearance in mains and sweets. Thassos residents are also known for preparing feta cheese in their own special way, layering it in a clay pot with tomatoes, peppers and olive oil and then melting them all together. This delicious blend is known as bouyourdi.

Eat like a king at La Terrasse Restaurant, Golden Beach

The Enavlion Hotel that houses La Terrasse Restaurant on Golden Beach looks almost like a palace in its grandeur. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay regal prices to dine here, and although it might be a little more expensive than other locales on the island, it’s well worth the extra outlay. Five-star cuisine is accompanied by top-class service to make for a truly memorable dinner.

Something for all ages at San Antonio Beach Restaurant, Potos

The lengthy menu at San Antonio is sure to contain something to tickle the tastebuds of even the pickiest of eaters. While its superb ambience, friendly staff and beachfront location in Potos complete the package.

The adjacent playground is the perfect place to keep little ones happy while the grown-ups enjoy a luxuriously long repast, and the family-friendly vibe can be seen in the staff’s willingness to accommodate younger – and often more picky – diners.

A wholesome Greek feel at Tavernaki, Thassos Town

With whitewashed walls, wooden beams and bouzouki music, all that’s missing from this picture of an archetypal Greek taverna, thankfully, are the smashed plates on the floor.

Tavernaki has a welcoming atmosphere designed to make you feel at home, while the hearty Greek-style dishes are of the kind you can imagine being served in dining rooms up and down the country. Handily situated in Thassos Town, Tavernaki is not to be missed.

A taste of Italy at Maestrale, Limenaria

Another child-friendly restaurant, Maestrale is well worth the short trip to Tripiti Beach near Limenaria. This Italian restaurant is a family-run affair, which manages to maintain a professional feel while still encouraging a relaxed rapport between staff and patrons. And the food? Bellissimo.

Dinner with a view at Vigli, Golden Beach

Perched nicely above Golden Beach, Vigli offers perhaps the most scenic restaurant view on the island of the town beneath and the golden sands beyond.

Reaching it requires a short but slightly strenuous walk up the hill, but rest assured, you’ll be heartily glad you did. Whether you visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the stunning views are complemented by great staff and absolutely delicious Mediterranean offerings from the kitchen.