Thassos Town Holidays 2024/2025

The capital of Thassos, Thassos Town is a beautiful harbour town which mixes beach life with culture. Choose here for your next Greece package holiday and enjoy options that range from chilling out on the white sand and dropping in on the tavernas, to visiting museums, taking boat trips and exploring this green island known as ‘The Emerald of the Aegean’.

Thassos Town Holiday Deals

The bright lights of the capital

Thassos Town is the capital city of Thassos, the most northerly of the Greek islands, and is known as Limenas to the locals. Scenic and picturesque, it has the main harbour of the island, and can be found on the north coast, surrounded by wooded mountains and slopes covered in olive groves. Looking out to sea, the lights of the mainland are clearly visible at night, after you’ve enjoyed the astounding sunsets this coastline boasts.

A holiday in Thassos Town isn’t all about relaxing on the beach, although there are plenty of opportunities for that. From quaint local shops to the Museum of Archaeology, bars and restaurants to watersports, Thassos Town offers something new to try on every day of your visit.

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  • Getting there

    Since Thassos is only six nautical miles off the coast of mainland Greece, it’s so easy to travel to. Flying to Kavala Alexandros Airport takes just over three hours, and after that it’s a 40-minute ferry ride from Keramoti on the mainland. These ferry crossings are very regular and sail all year round, and there are also roll-on/roll-off ferries exclusively serving Thassos if you’re thinking of hiring a car to get around.

    Local beaches

    The shallow, warm sea around Thassos Town is perfect for a relaxing swim after a morning exploring the sights of the town. Many local beaches are accessible by car, bus, or on foot and all the beaches around Thassos Town are sandy and beautiful. The main ones have facilities for tourists including food and drink vendors, sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, changing booths, and toilets.

    Back in time

    The history of Thassos Town is clearly visible on every street corner, and a large part of the ancient city still exists on the outskirts of town. In classical times, Thassos Town was known as ‘the Athens of the north’ and was an important trading port. Now, the ancient agora marketplace, the acropolis, the theatre, the temple of Hephaestus, and all the city walls are ruins that you can freely wander around.

    After spending the morning exploring the ruins, you might want to visit the Museum of Archaeology, situated next to the ancient city. It boasts a fine collection of marble statues, pottery, jewellery, coins and tools. And with an admission fee of just ‚¬2 per person, there’s no excuse not to immerse yourself in the exciting and fascinating history of the island during holidays to Thassos.

    Eating and drinking

    From traditional Greek fare to more varied Mediterranean options, the restaurants, cafes and bars of Thassos Town are all about excellent food with an authentic, laid-back atmosphere. As you’d expect from a harbour town, seafood and fish are abundant, fresh and absolutely delicious, while those enjoying Thassos All Inclusive holidays are sure to find a wide range of local options at their hotel too.

    After dinner, you can visit a beach bar and admire the views out to sea, or grab a cocktail at the friendly and inviting Bar Brazil in the town centre. Davidoff is always popular with young locals, and the one nightclub – Just In Time – is open during the tourist season. Many tavernas and bouzouki bars put on live Greek music and dancing at the weekend, and most bars stay open until at least 1.00am.

    Join in the fun

    The peak tourism season on Thassos generally starts in May, when temperatures begin to hit 21°C. It runs until late August, when the sun is warming the gorgeous beaches to a perfect 28°C. You can get to Thassos Town by ferry from the mainland all year round, but temperatures do start to decline in the autumn.

    Late February and early March is the carnival season, and Thassos Town’s celebration of Dionysus, god of wine, is renowned for its vibrant, fun atmosphere. There is also a summer festival in Thassos Town, a time for the islanders to showcase their local music, crafts and produce. You can experience performances in the ancient open-air theatre, and see and buy the work of local artists all around town.


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