Limenaria Holidays 2024/2025

The quaint village of Limenaria offers the usual charm of holidays to Greece with an array of harbourside restaurants, shops and bars. This large yet peaceful resort boasts wide, sandy beaches surrounded by dramatic red rock cliffs, while the stunning mountainous terrain is scattered with pine and olive trees.

Limenaria Holiday Deals

Big in size and character

Nestling in its own private valley in the southwest of Thassos, Limenaria is the second biggest settlement on the island after the capital Thassos Town. Its size means it can cope with tourists but not feel too crowded.

The unspoilt village offers dramatic views of neighbouring islands and the distant mainland. A holiday in Limenaria will see you experiencing original Greek culture and architecture and feasting on fantastic, fresh, traditional local cuisine.

Limenaria is the perfect spot to unwind and absorb the simplicity of the local way of life, which hasn’t changed for many years. Everything in the town is within walking distance and you’ll find a wide selection of tavernas offering fresh, homemade dishes. The beautiful working harbour with gorgeous views of the Aegean Sea is lined with restaurants offering freshly caught seafood and local delicacies.

The holy mountain, Mount Athos, towers over the historic village alongside one of the most beautiful monuments, Palataki – the ancient, deserted palace. For a slice of history, the folklore museum exhibits customary tools and utensils, traditional costumes, photos, ceramics and more.

Abundance of beaches

There are many beautiful beaches in the area stretching across the coastline, which are easily accessed. Within the town itself you will find Limenaria beach, a tranquil bay with golden sand and shallow, mostly calm water.

If you travel east you will immediately find the enchanting stretch of sand and pebbles that is Metalia Beach. The abandoned smelters building visible from the beach creates an interesting landscape which you can explore, acquainting yourself with the history of the area.

The beautiful Trypiti Beach is surrounded by steep cliffs covered with dense vegetation and tall trees and offers a well-organised long stretch of sand, rich in marine life. A little further along the coastal road is the popular beach of Pefkari, with a selection of exciting watersports.

Take a hike

Hiking is a fantastic way of exploring the island’s lesser-known face and you’ll find some popular walking trails leaving from Limenaria. Nisteri, Glifada and Tripiti beaches are all within walking distance offering impressive views of the pine-clad mountains and glistening stretches of Aegean Sea along the way.

The trail to Pefkari will see you outside the church of Saint Nicolas, at the top of the hill, admiring some of the area’s most important landmarks. If you want to go further afield, most trails are also suitable for mountain bikes. These are widely available for hire and are a fantastic option for getting around during cheap holidays to Thassos.

Local produce

The streets of Limenaria are teeming with souvenir and gift shops where you can pick up a few local mementos, which are almost all still traditionally made. Pick up a carving made from Thassos marble, embroidered linens or some fresh, locally produced sweets.

As the island is abundant in olive trees, expect to find some wonderful olive oil products and plenty of delicious Thassian honey. Finally, no trip to Thassos would be complete without sampling the locally produced liquor, Tsipouro. Similar in taste to Ouzo, package holidays to Thassos aren’t complete unless you’ve sampled this concoction.

Dine like the Gods

Limenaria has a great selection of tavernas and restaurants, with the majority specialising in home cooked, traditional Greek food. The Thassians take great pride in their freshly grown local produce and you will find it in abundance on every menu.

The old port is lined with a myriad of fish restaurants serving the catch of the day and is a great place to watch the sun set over a glass of Tsipouro. Look out for ‘kolios gouna’ – fresh mackerel salted, smoked and baked the Thassian way.

As the sun goes down the music goes up in Limeneria. Far from being a party zone, you will find live Greek themed entertainment in the tavernas and beckoning dance floors playing a mixture of traditional and mainstream music.


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