Articles about Thassos

Planning a trip to Thassos? Whether your travelling with the kids or want a romantic couples’ break, our articles give you the lowdown on all you need to know. They also cover things like what the weather’s like in Thassos, or itineraries if you only have a long weekend to spare on this glorious Aegean island.

What's the weather like in Thassos?

Though Thassos sits in the North Aegean Sea, it stands apart from other Greek island destinations in that its weather is a little milder in both summer and winter. But don’t be fooled – the summers still see more than ample heat and the winter is far from freezing, and don’t even get us started on the shoulder seasons.

Things to do with kids in Thassos

At first glance, Thassos might seem like a sleepy island – and for the most part, it is – but for just as many lazy afternoons on the beach, there are energetic activities that’ll get you and your family a little closer to Thassos’ history and culture.

The best beaches in Thassos

With a whopping 96km of beach, Thassos is the ideal destination for beach days, golden tans and adrenaline fueled watersports. Some sandy stretches are developed with tourists in mind so you’ve got all the amenities you could need, while others are left unspoilt so you can enjoy the natural and tranquil.

A guide to food and drink in Thassos

even the fussiest of diners will enjoy the cuisine in Thassos – for there’s something on offer from every corner of the globe. Dine in traditional Greek tavernas, enjoy home favourites or tuck into your favourite pizza and pasta dishes.

A guide to the nightlife in Thassos

While Thassos may not be your go to party holiday destination, there’s certainly plenty on offer. Despite the evenings being quite lively, it maintains it’s laid back feel with cocktail bars, Greek tavernas, and traditional pubs.