Maria Yiannis Apartments

It’s all about relaxation at the Maria Yiannis Apartments. During the day, most guests head to the pool. It comes with a section for little kids and a small bar for snacks and drinks. Sunloungers skirt the sides and there’s also some extra sunbathing space on the lawn.

The feeling is quiet and relaxed, and there’s a nice playground that keeps kids happy. In the evening, the bar stays open late, so you can enjoy a drink before heading out for dinner.

Overview of Troulos

If you look on a map, Skiathos looks like a tiny blip in the Aegean Sea. But what the island lacks in size, it more than makes up for with character and personality!

The island itself is only 12 kilometre long and six kilometres wide, but this is what makes it so popular with explorers who love the beautiful beaches, pine forests and whitewashed buildings. The public transport also has a reputation for being efficient and cheap, so it’s easy to hop between resorts on your holiday to Skiathos.

Things to do in Skiathos

You’re tucked away in the countryside with a stay at the Maria Yiannis Apartments, but you’re just off the main coastal road in Troulos. This means it’s easy to hit the trails and explore the island’s stunning scenery before enjoying a drink in a cocktail bar as you look over your photos.

When you’d rather have a relaxing day, head to the picture-perfect coastline. It’s a particularly popular spot with families because lifeguards watch over the sea. Water sports are also available and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can swim as far as the tiny islet of Troulonisi.

After a stay at the Maria Yiannis Apartments, you’ll leave with many happy memories!

Resort Summary

Troulos is the second-largest resort in Skiathos, but it still has a small town feel and tight-knit community atmosphere. This traditional village is set amidst a stunning landscape, with a beautiful white sand beach and flourishing greenery around the town. Everything is within walking distance here, and you’ll have no problem getting from your hotel room to the beach, restaurants or the supermarkets. Visitors come to Troulos to cash in on the gorgeous surroundings, its pine tree forests and idyllic olive groves. This stress-relieving haven will not only help you connect with nature, but also to a simpler way of life.