A guide to the best restaurants in Aghia Paraskevi

Aghia Paraskevi offers visitors the best of both worlds for their Greek island holiday – you can wander inland and enjoy a meal in the shade of the olive groves and pine forests, or you can just bask in the sun with a relaxing drink on the beach. Family-friendly restaurants are popular here, mainly because they are well equipped with designated children’s play areas and also because quite a few have their own gardens. Most popular on restaurant menus are classic Greek meals that incorporate fresh fish, salad and tasty grilled meats, though Italian-influenced fare is also widely available.

Pizzas and pizzazz at Jimmy's Tavern

Popular with both lunchtime and evening diners, Jimmy’s offers a fantastic selection of local dishes and specialities from further afield. Expect to see a crowded restaurant during the lunchtime hours. Lamb kleftiko is a real favourite, as are the enormous pizzas complete with their sumptuous toppings.

Eating on the beach at Platanias Beach Taverna

Open in the evenings only, this beachside taverna offers standard Greek fare at reasonable prices. Expect to see mixed grills and salads as well as an eye-watering range of cocktails and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Vegetarians need not feel left out as dishes ranging from courgettes stuffed with local cheese to vegetable croquettes are also on offer.

Garden glories at Maistrali

Enjoy your meal in peace as your children make full use of the gardens surrounding this family-friendly tavern. Look out for tasty chocolate cake made by Mama, the head of the clan. Holidays and diets are never a good mix so enjoy a spot of over-indulgence. Local recipes are the star of this particular show.

Homemade bread and other delights at Mesostrato Taverna

Not only will you find a full selection of local Greek delicacies but be prepared to devour the poached pear dessert washed down with a glass of Mythos larger. Musical accompaniment varies from Nat King Cole to Argentine tangos, which suits this restaurant’s cool vibe.

Garden beauty at Green Park Restaurant

Surrounded by overhanging palm trees and vibrant flowers, Green Park restaurant is a stylish place to visit for a special occasion. Part of an accommodation complex, the restaurant serves members of the public throughout the day and night. Delicious ice-creams with exotic flavours are just one of Green Park’s specialities.

Italian-style pizzas at Boubounakia

Yearning for a pizza, then Boubounakia aims to please. With its wood burning oven and wonderful choice of toppings, eating a pizza here is a memorable experience. Generous portions and modest prices are another reason to visit this popular restaurant.

Eat regally at the Skiathos Princess

With its idyllic cool terrace overlooking the sea you’ll be able to unwind while eating steaks, Greek salads and other delights. The restaurant is part of a beachside hotel but that won’t stop you enjoying a fantastic meal complete with first-rate service on your holidays to Skiathos.

Serenity and charm at Calma restaurant

From burgers to moussaka, this family-run restaurant aims to please all tastes. Children are welcome at this wonderful eatery that’s set back from the main road and surrounded by pines and olive trees. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at this gourmet jewel.

Very best Italian cuisine at Tomato

Spaghetti and other pasta dishes are all on the menu here – which is great if you’re getting withdrawal symptoms after eating one too many authentic Greek dishes.

Cosmopolitan cuisine at Orsa Tavern

Chips, burgers, octopus and salads all sit comfortably on the Orsa menu. Situated on the beach and conveniently located opposite the number 16 bus stop, this little taverna is popular with families looking for a local lunch venue. If you’re looking for a relaxing meal, this might be the place for you.