A guide to the best restaurants in Pyrgos

From fresh vibrant salads to traditional mezze, there’s something for everyone in the tavernas and restaurants of Pyrgos. With plenty of opportunity to take in amazing views while enjoying delicious cuisine, eating out in Pyrgos is an experience not to be missed.

Fresh food at Metaxy Mas Tavern

Metaxy Mas Tavern is a hugely popular place to eat, and when you look at the menu it’s not hard to see why. The food is a combination of Cretan and Santorinian cuisines which means it is fresh, vibrant, and delicious. Salads feature heavily on this menu (including pomegranate and avocado varieties), but so do plenty of meat and fish dishes, so there really is something for everyone.

Great views at Franco's Café

Franco’s Café is a must when in Pyrgos. It is located right at the top of the village, so there are no better views in the entire town than from Franco’s. The outdoor terrace is the best place to sit, and you can sip your drinks or enjoy some great mezze. With classic crooners like Frank Sinatra providing the background music, try to be here for sunset as it truly is spectacular from this vantage point.

Popular Pyrgos Restaurant

Pyrgos Restaurant has taken the name of the town, and people flock here because it is a lovely place to eat and drink. The staff are accommodating and friendly – nothing is too much trouble here – and the food certainly lives up to expectations. This restaurant prides itself on the weddings it can hold here, and during the summer months you may well be able to spot a newlywed couple and their entourage enjoying their reception here.

Modern, magical Selene

Selene was opened in 1986 and was originally located in Fira, but moved to Pyrgos where it has been – happily – ever since. The food here is Greek, but it is modern, and that is a magical combination.