A guide to the best restaurants in Perivolos

Holidays to Greece are nothing without trying some of the local cuisine, while the beautiful village of Perivolos offers a plethora of places to eat. Along the beachfront there are numerous taverns, pubs and restaurants serving freshly-caught fish and local delicacies at competitive prices. Most restaurants offer a traditional Greek menu with a setting to suit every mood and budget. Choose from the upmarket Seaside by Notos to the walk in kitchen at Margaritas.

Gourmet and stylish dining at Seaside by Notos

Serving a selection of gourmet seafood cuisine, the menu at the trendiest restaurant in Perivolos focuses on Mediterranean food with a twist. Dine in the stylish, seaside lounge or invest in a sunlounger and enjoy the restaurants luxurious, soft towels and beach side service.

Relax on the beach at Terra Nera

Occupying a beautiful site on the black sand beach, the Terra Nera grill and coffee house offers an extensive menu including pasta dishes, burgers, souvlaki and grills in a relaxing environment. In addition to the fabulous freshly-produced food, the restaurant benefits from loungers on the beach, a sheltered patio area and a welcome play zone for children.

Homegrown and homemade at Afros

This unassuming restaurant located on the main beach road serves a combination of meat, seafood and traditional Greek dishes. The attentive staff will be eager to help you order and take great pride in using homegrown vegetables, herbs and traditional recipes. Afros regularly hosts barbecues on the beach and Bouzouki nights featuring live Greek music and dancing.

Scenic beauty at Savvas Popeye Taverna

This wonderfully-authentic, family-run taverna in the heart of Perivolos beach offers top-quality Greek cuisine, lovingly cooked to perfection. Offering first-class presentation at reasonable prices, this is a fantastic spot to enjoy the beauty of the coast, sample local dishes and experience the warmth of Greek hospitality.

Keep it local at Ammos Restaurant

This traditional, beachside tavern has taken great care in creating a family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The signature Ammos Salad filled with fresh Santorinian tomatoes, capers and green cheese, is a great accompaniment to any of the freshly-grilled fish. Order plenty of ouzo and explore the wide range of local dishes on offer – many of which can only be enjoyed during holidays to Santorini.

Casual and chic at La Opera di Costa

La Opera di Costa proposes a series of unique and classic dishes inspired by the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Inside, an olive tree quietly dominates the space, surrounded by built in couches and elegant tables with views of the open kitchen. The menu is simple, offering great quality steaks and succulent burgers, a range of freshly-made pizzas, pasta and risottos.

Pleasure Lounge Bar

Enjoy a wide range of tasty and colourful dishes while admiring the clear waters and exotic volcanic sands. Offering beautifully-presente local delicacies and exquisite cocktails, the Pleasure Lounge Bar is the perfect place to stop and relax, enjoying the immaculate beauty of Greece holidays.

Bright and breezy at Kouzina

This bright and well-presented restaurant on the beach front offers guests a range of hot and cold mezze, grilled meats and traditional Greek dishes with a focus on local specialties using local products. A wide selection of fresh pizza, pasta and risotto dishes are also available and locally-sourced seafood.

No menu at Margarita

Margarita is a fabulous, family-run cafe that is popular with the locals. Instead of browsing a menu, Margarita invites guests into her kitchen where you can check out what she has cooking that day. Most ingredients, including some of the meats and the one wine on offer, are home produced.

Fresh fish every day at The Nets

Dine under the shade of the trees with views of the brilliant Aegean ocean from where your dinner originated. Offering superbly prepared, freshly-caught seafood, The Nets presents some of the best seafood on Santorini. The menu also includes some delicious local favourites including fava, Santorini Salad and Santorini Pie.