A guide to the best restaurants in Kolymbia

Kolymbia is not only rich in authentic tavernas but is home to a wide variety of restaurants serving different cuisines too. Taverna Michel is supremely popular with the locals – which says more than any review ever could – while places like Ristorante-Pizzeria Rosso Di Sera serve up great Italian dishes, and Lovester Seafood Restaurant offers up all-you-can-eat shrimp. There’s both upmarket restaurants and more grounded places, meaning there’s likely to be good food to be had for any Rhodes holiday budget.

Great pizza at Ristorante-Pizzeria Rosso Di Sera

Fancy some downright delicious Italian? Then hit up Ristorante-Pizzeria Rosso Di Sera, where the pizzas are fresh, authentic and loaded with healthy greenery. The pizza bases are thin and crispy, and there are loads of fresh toppings ready to be added. Cooked in the purpose-made ovens right in view of your seat, the pizzas understandably have main billing, but if you’re after something lighter, try the bruschetta, the pasta, or the Greek salad, all available for a reasonable price.

Meaty staples at Taverna Manolis

Taverna Manolis do the big, meaty Greek staples exceptionally well, offering kebabs, gyros, lamb chops, heavenly hummus or great seafood options. As you’d hope, the staff are helpful and the atmosphere is really positive. This is a lovely taverna to visit while in Kolymbia.

Greek mezze at Taverna Anthoula

This place is probably what you think of when you conjure up an image of a quaint Greek tavern in your imagination. Staff serve up tapas-sized portions of Greek mezze, lovely salads, and a fair selection of more child-friendly meals. The restaurant offers a great choice of fresh fish dishes, too.

Exceptional menu at Carrusel Restaurant

Carrusel has an inviting menu with a great deal of variety, and it serves up some real classics. The portion sizes are huge, and there’s a good balance struck between classic Greek dishes and more international dishes. Consider the souvlaki or the sirloin steak. Kick back and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at Carrusel.

Fresh seafood at Limanaki Restaurant

This restaurant is a must if you’re even slightly partial to seafood. As an added extra, the view to be had of the sea and cliff is exceptional when seated on the outside terrace. Limanaki occupies an intimate space, serving well-proportioned dishes at good prices. The menu is awash with tasty choices for you to enjoy on your holidays in Rhodes – consider going for the excellent calamari, prawns and salad.

A local favourite, Taverna Michel

Taverna Michel is a lovely choice if you want to dine in a fun taverna while in Kolymbia. A good sign of its quality is that it’s packed with locals, as well as a fair few international visitors. There are vines growing overhead to keep the sun off you in the day, as well as ambient lighting in the evening. Plump for the marinara, the souvlaki or the gyros.

Authentic Pizzas at Niko's Pizzeria Restaurant

Niko’s is actually much more than just a pizzeria – although of course it serves good pizza. The restaurant also offers a quality selection of seafood dishes, Italian and Greek meals that’s not to be sniffed at. The portion sizes are huge, and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

Beautiful Setting at To Nissaki

This place can reasonably be said to represent the dream Greek dining experience – it pretty much hits all the right notes in terms of what you might think of when you imagine idyllic Greek seaside spots. You can grab a bite for lunch or dinner literally right by the sea. There is an emphasis on seafood, which only seems fitting, and it also serves cracking cocktails in partnership with a fantastic Greco-Mediterranean menu.

All-you-can-eat shrimp at Lovester Seafood Restaurant

Lovester offers one of the most enticing deals in all of Kolymbia, all-you-can-eat shrimp. The restaurant serves four different recipes at a surprisingly low price given the quality of the food. It also offers a selection of seafood platters, and to top it all there’s a nice atmosphere to the place.

Lovely Taverna Atmosphere at Taverna Edem

Taverna Edem serves fantastic Greek-orientated food with a nice taverna-style atmosphere. The prices here are admirably cheap, and there’s a big garden with a few olive trees ready to welcome you if you fancy eating al fresco.