A guide to the best beaches in Parga Town

Many of the best beaches in Parga offer a similar range of amenities – sand and shingle shores, sunbeds and umbrellas, watersports, not to mention ample sunshine to lounge in and the tranquil atmosphere that goes with it. But that’s only on the surface. Each beach actually offers its own unique feature that sets it apart from the others – Kryoneri Beach has prime views of an islet while Valtos lies under the watchful eye of the Castle of Parga. Lichnos Beach is around the corner from where the goddess Aphrodite bathed, while Piso Krioneri is a cave explorer’s paradise.

Valtos Beach

This stretch of sand is the longest in Parga, three kilometres long and at the base of a gorgeous green landscape. Up in the hills is the Castle of Parga overlooking the bay – it’s always in the distance as you lounge around these shores, as are a line of restaurants.

Valtos Beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles. The bay is made safe by a line of rocks extending on either end that tames the waves, though the water here can get deep. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available to rent, as are canoes and pedalos. There are also jet skis, banana boats, windsurfers and paragliders whisking through the waves. Also out in the water, you’ll find the waves speckled with hundreds of fish, so grabbing some snorkelling gear is a good idea.

Lichnos Beach

Surrounded by olive trees and hidden away in the hills is Lichnos Beach, a quiet getaway steeped in natural beauty. The walk here can get lengthy under the summer sun, so Lichnos can also be reached by boat from Parga’s harbour. The beach is treated to the same range of watersports as Valtos Beach, and has a plentiful supply of sunloungers too.

Lichnos is perhaps one of the most culturally rich beaches to explore during holidays to Greece. Boats depart from these shores to Aphrodite’s Cave, which is only five minutes away. It’s where the Greek goddess was rumoured to bathe, and is accessible only by boat. Upon arrival, you’ll have the chance to jump into the azure blue waters and swim up to the cave for some exploring of your own.

Krioneri Beach

Krioneri is Parga’s most popular beach, located just along the region’s main road. It’s a top choice for holidaygoers as it’s the most accessible – this means it’ll get pretty busy in the summer months, but its clean sands and deep waters make it a refreshing stop. The beach is half sand, half pebbles, and is packed with sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as boats and watersports equipment for hire.

Parallel to the beach is the island of the Virgin Mary, also known as Panagia. Miniature in size, it still houses an equally small whitewashed church tucked between the rocks. It’s close enough to the beach to reach by swimming, but you can also rent a pedalo and take a more leisurely ride to its minuscule shores.

Piso Krioneri Beach

Piso Krioneri is Krioneri Beach’s little sister, smaller in size but equally as beautiful. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Parga, on the other side of St Athanasios hill. Like most shores available to you on Parga holidays, Piso Krioneri is treated to sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as a restaurant and cafe for quick beach bites. A ring of surrounding rocks, decorated with greenery and flowers, protects this beach from the elements, and are also carved with caves to be explored.

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko is the place to go for more secluded swimming, as it’s a little farther out from Parga’s centre. It’s a sand and shingle beach, fringed by craggy rocks and a handful of Greek tavernas. A quiet range of activities take place here, with everything from canoes to pedalos and snorkelling.