Parga Town Holidays 2024/2025

The town of Parga can be found in the northwestern Greek region of Preveza. It is the most popular summer destination in the area, thanks largely to the town’s isolated position in a bay on the Ionian Sea. Holidays to Parga are also a good launchpad to explore other areas of western Greece like Sivota, Preveza and Lefkas.

Parga Town Holiday Deals

Head to the beach

You’ll find several fabulous beaches that are well worth a visit during Parga holidays. Consider heading to Valtos, which is two kilometres from Parga, where a long, fine sand and pebbled beach is surrounded by lush greenery. The most popular beach besides Valtos is Lichnos, another large bay with facilities fit for tourists.

Town Beach is just a walking distance from the town centre. Like the previous two, it is organized with chairs and umbrellas. The small size of the islet makes for a picturesque setting. The houses in Parga are constructed along the slopes of a mountain, in such a way that you can get good views of the sea.

The beautiful ruins of a Venetian castle can be seen at the top of a hill above the town of Parga, and a green islet with a white church stands at the mouth of the port. The amazing clear water on beaches makes them ripe for envy-inducing holiday snaps.

Grab a bite

The town has a few traditional Greek restaurants and tavernas, mainly in the port of Parga where there are panoramic views of the town. Due to its location slightly off the beaten track, menus here tend to be very affordable too, so it’s possible to dine out even on cheap Parga holidays. One of these restaurants is Castello, with its scrumptious menu of Greek, French, Italian and Pan-Asian cuisine that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning visitors.

Sample the nightlife

Parga has varied and surprisingly extensive nightlife for a town of its size. There are a handful of bars and nightclubs to keep night owls intrigued.

Head to Brazilian Green Cup Espresso Bar, a coffee and cocktail bar located on the upper side of Parga, should you fancy sharing stories over an espresso with friends into the evening.

If you’re seeking an evening with a bit more adventure, head to Kamini Bar for drinks and people watching. Also consider hitting up Pargas Distillery, where the view of Valtos is spectacular and cocktails are strong.

Take a peak into Albania

Albania may not scream holiday destination to you, but that’s because the small Balkan country is only just opening up to tourists. This means the country is entirely authentic and untouched, a breath of fresh air you’re bound to love.

So take a daytrip from Parga and get a glimpse of the dramatic coastline of this hidden gem of a country. Destinations well worth a visit are the ancient city of Butrint, with its Greco-Roman theatre and Christian baptistery, and the lovely seaside town of Agios Saranda.

Windsurf on Valtos Beach

There are several watersports you can get involved in at Valtos Beach, from windsurfing to canoeing. It’s five minutes by car from Parga and is a stunning beach. Water taxis run between Valtos and Parga harbour.

Daytrip to Corfu and Paxos

Holidays to Greece offer more than just lazy beach days spent in your chosen resort. Corfu and Paxos are exceedingly popular with tourists, and it’s possible to take boat trips from Parga to get to both. Head to Corfu and let yourself get lost in the winding streets, or discover Paxos and drink in the traditional Greek waterfront taverna culture.


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