A guide to food and drink in Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is home to a fantastic array of restaurants and casual eateries. The island’s capital, Mykonos Town, alone has more than 150 restaurants to choose from, boasting scrumptious Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese, Mexican and American restaurants. There are also tons of Greek tavernas serving up fresh seafood and local favourites.

Exploring Mykonos' delicacies

With a rich culinary history you’ll find that local dishes feature prominently on the menu, as well as meals prepared with Mykonos’ own produce and seafood. Homemade, oven baked moussaka and pastitsio can be sampled almost everywhere, along with souvlaki and gyros which are similar to kebabs. Greek cuisine is famed for its mezze, the equivalent of the Spanish tapas, and Mykonos serves up its own unique selection.

Mykonos produces some of the most delicious kopanisti cheese in Greece. Produced from the milk of home-grown animals, it’s famous for its spicy taste and served with bread or fresh tomato and cucumber salads. In terms of dessert, amygdalota – Greek almond cookies – are a popular treat accompanied by the famous soumada, a traditional non-alcoholic drink.

The Mediterranean way at Panormos Mykonos Beach Resort, Panormos Beach

After a relaxing day at quiet Panormos beach you can enjoy a leisurely dinner, digging your toes into the sand at this idyllic upscale spot.

Unpretentious and elegant at the same time, the mix of rustic materials and white fabrics makes for a calming atmosphere in which to dine, with the beach, sea and hillside views taking centre stage. This restaurant specialises in light, healthy Mediterranean cuisine that it serves in a way that will wow. They also have fruity tobacco shisha pipes available.

Kick back at Kiki's Tavern, Agios Sostis Beach

A rustic vine covered terrace is the setting to eat expertly chargrilled, locally-sourced meats, seafood like octopus and vegetarian foods at Kiki’s Tavern. It’s served in the traditional Greek way with crisp salads, and baked potatoes, which attracts both locals and tourists.

The views here are of tiny beach coves and the blue sea as well as a small white chapel. Sadly Kiki’s doesn’t take reservations, so make sure to arrive early to get the best seat.

Style and substance by Interni, Mykonos Town

This stylish restaurant and bar is located in the quaint side streets of the Matoyiannia shopping district on the edge of Mykonos Town. A scene of white and blue awaits in the most modern way as you enter and look down on the sleek outdoor seating area and bar.

Favoured by celebrities over the years, you might just bump into someone you recognise on your holidays to Greece, as you try the restaurant’s elegant Mediterranean cuisine. DJs play low-key chill out tunes while you dine on salads, pasta or risotto, steaks, burgers or fish dishes and the wine and spirits list is even bigger than the menu.

Quality cuisine at Nice n Easy, Little Venice Mykonos Town

Situated on the Little Venice waterfront, this restaurant serves up exquisite Mediterranean dishes with a healthy focus on organic ingredients and vegan and gluten free options. The menu here is diverse with meals ranging from braised scallops atop quinoa to perfectly-seared Black Angus beef.

You’ll also receive a terrific view of the water and historic windmills in this area so called due to its resemblance with Venice’s balconied buildings leaning over the water.

Oceanside dining at Avli Tou Thodori, Plati Yialos

Right on a gorgeous strip of beach with extraordinary sea views is the Mediterranean restaurant Avli Thou Thodori. This high class establishment cooks superbly flavourful classic Greek dishes in overflowing portions. The meals here are all home-made straight from the kitchen and cooked to perfection. Lamb falls off the bone and the stuffed spinach chicken, the seafood platters and the herb potatoes are all lip-smackingly good.