A guide to things to do in Mykonos

With endless stretches of golden sand, a thriving nightlife scene, spectacular shopping and historical ruins there’s no end to what you can get up to on holiday in Mykonos. But it’s not just wild nights that draw holidaygoers here – the island’s idyllic villages, sightseeing opportunities and authentic Greek food are a huge pull. Whether you are hoping for a relaxing holiday to Greece walking the coastlines, or a party-filled extravaganza you may not remember the next day, there’s something for you on Mykonos holidays.

Explore the beaches

Some of Greece‘s best beaches are on the island of Mykonos. With soft, golden sand and incredibly clear waters it’s no wonder they’re the highlight of any holiday here. Mykonos’ beaches on the island’s southern coast are all highly developed. They’re dotted with fantastic places to eat and drink, including Greek tavernas that serve up delicious fresh seafood.

During the day you can join in on some epic water sports including kitesurfing, windsurfing and scuba diving. Scuba diving schools are located along the busy beaches and welcome both newbies and avid divers onto their courses. In the evening you can experience what a real beach party is like on both Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. When the sun goes down these sands turn into a clubber’s dream, with international DJs playing tracks all night long and beach bars serving drinks until dawn.

If you’re looking for peace and relaxation, Mykonos’ northern beaches are unspoilt and secluded, often encased by stunning cliffs and picturesque fishing villages.

Wild nightlife

Sometimes referred to as the party capital, the island of Mykonos is a nightlife hotspot. The capital city, Mykonos Town takes the crown with numerous bars, clubs, karaoke joints, drag shows and cocktail bars filling its winding streets. For a wild night on the town you can start off in one of the bars by the harbour or in the Little Venice area and then head to the beach, where you’ll find non-stop dance music played by the world’s best DJs.

For a laid-back affair Mykonos Town and the surrounding resorts all have quiet cocktail bars and Greek tavernas where you can sip drinks outside and watch the setting sun.

A glance back in time

Mykonos is brimming with Greek heritage and history, from its numerous churches to its larger-than-life ruins. For any history buffs the archaeological site on Delos Island is a must-see in Mykonos. Ferries run daily from both Mykonos Town and the Plati Yialos harbour. You’ll need at least two or three hours to really appreciate the grand scale of these historical ruins. Temples, statues and mosaics are all on display and date back to around 300 BCE.

Delos Island is steeped in Greek Mythology and gets its nickname, Island of the Gods, from it being the birthplace of both Apollo and Artemis. If you are a fan of Greek history and mythology the Island of Delos is a day out that cannot be missed.

Iconic structures to remember

From as early at the 16th century, the windmills in Mykonos have been the island’s most recognisable landmark. These tall, white, circular buildings were built by the Venetians and used to grind wheat. There are 16 surviving windmills on Mykonos, which can be seen from vantage points located in the capital city of Mykonos Town. The wheat mills have long since ceased production and instead they’re used simply as landmarks or as museums.

Grab those handbags

This island is a fantastic place to shop, and all around on your holidays in Mykonos you’ll find quaint shops selling traditional Greek gifts. If you’re looking for a spot to buy the newest fashions head to the capital city of Mykonos Town. This city has it all, from designer boutiques, handmade crafts, jewellery stores, shoe shops and outdoor markets. The iconic Matoyianni Street is lined with traditional white buildings secured by multi-coloured shutters out of hours. It’s down this winding path that you’ll find all the best shopping, restaurants and cafes, plus a great spot to take some truly great Greek photos.