Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel

Designed to look like a traditional Crete village, the Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel has a secluded, exotic yet homely feel. Four large pools, two restaurants and a beachfront location all come together to create a haven of upmarket relaxation, with mountain views topping it all off. The guestrooms have a simple yet sumptuous feel to them, promising a great night’s sleep and just the right amount of motivation to slip down to the stunning pool area, or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, to go out and explore off complex. The Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel is well placed, just a gentle stroll from shops, bars and restaurants, and with a bus stop outside, the town centre is just a short ride away, too.

Overview of Rethymno

Holidays to Crete are popular for the amazing food, great weather and fantastic landscapes. The perfect combination of a beach paradise with a lively nightlife scene and phenomenal mountain views, the only difficult part of a Crete getaway is deciding which region to stay in. Thanks to the Venetian and Ottoman architecture influences, Rethymno has a real laid-back vibe combined with cosmopolitan cafe culture. Mixing seaside charm with fascinating old quarters and a selection of monasteries, this is a unique destination that beautifully demonstrates how unforgettable Crete is.

Things to do in Rethymno

Rethymno has from a gloriously long coastline and its individual beaches are beautiful. Clean, easy to access, the beach also has a promenade full of bars and restaurants, so find a spot near your favourite in the busier, well-equipped areas or venture further out to a secluded little private spot. There’s a terrific cultural scene in Rethymno, so taking a day to wander around the many museums, galleries and monasteries is a must. For more of an architectural excursion, head to the old quarters to see clearly Venetian and Ottoman styling. Coffee in the harbour is something of a rite of passage here, with plenty of cafes perfectly positioned to give you a good excuse to take it easy for a few minutes, while you watch some boats come in to dock.

Resort Summary

Located along Crete‘s northern coast, Rethymnon is a charming seaside town that expertly blends the old with the new. Mixed with Renaissance architecture and stone-laden mosques, you’ll find contemporary cuisine and shops throughout the old quarters and along the harbour.

Underneath the watchful eye of the Venetian Fortezza – or castle – you can drift between museums and explore Rethymnon’s colourful past. Or spend a day lounging by the beach, hiking through a steep gorge or sipping coffee underneath 16th-century archways. Rethymnon is an authentic Greek destination, with the vibrancy of a town that’s been thriving for thousands of years.