Esperides Villas and Spa

The Esperides Villas and Spa effortlessly blends modern and traditional. Bare stone walls lend a rustic feel and the rooms showcase simple wood furnishings and nautical touches.

The hillside setting of the hotel means the views are a big part of its lure. There are three outdoor pools where you can make the most of the panoramas, and one even has a hot tub in the centre.

Drinks and snacks are served at a shady, stool lined-bar by the main pool. The restaurant mirrors the hotel’s traditional vibe and it serves a menu of Cretan and Mediterranean dishes.

Overview of Koutouloufari

The tranquil village setting of Koutouloufari is a great place for a relaxing holiday to Crete. Its hilltop location means that you can make the most of the island’s beautiful views, but you’re also only a short drive from the beach.

Koutouloufari is far enough away from Crete’s party destinations that you can enjoy chilled afternoons, but you’re also close enough that you can join the fun whenever you like.

In the village, there’s a peaceful atmosphere, with cobbled streets and stone houses. Traditional hotels like the Esperides Villas and Spa blend in nicely, and the whole village has maintained its charm despite its tourist edge.

Things to do in Koutouloufari

Although the Esperides Villas and Spa is located in the hillside surrounding Koutouloufari, you can lay your towel on the sand after only a five-minute drive. There are three beaches to choose from, as well as a number of private coves.

In the village, days are relaxing and laid-back. Most days are spent with a glass of wine in the main square, or enjoying the delicious Greek flavours in the local tavernas.

When you want to ramp up the energy levels, the waterparks of Hersonissos and the party spots of Malia are only a short taxi journey away.

Enjoy a traditional Greek break with a stay in Koutouloufari. You’ll love the authentic way of life.

Resort Summary

Even though Koutouloufari is within eyesight of some of the busiest resorts on the island of Crete, the town still manages to retain its peaceful atmosphere. Once you cross back into its borders, you’re a lifetime away from the hustle and bustle of downtown island life.

Koutouloufari is unmistakably a traditional Greek village, with cobbled streets and stone houses that are lined with colourful flowers – it’s the stuff laid-back holidays are made of.

Days here are filled with glasses of wine along patios on the main square and delicious Greek flavours at local tavernas. The beaches and water parks of Hersonissos and the epic nightlife at Malia are within your grasp, so you’ll have no trouble dialling up the energy when the mood strikes.