Things to do in Hersonissos

Ah, Hersonissos – a traditional Greek coastal resort, but so much more. It’s home to holiday creature comforts like waterparks, a golf course and shops with your favourite name brand designers, but also sites that are delightfully local.

With quirky museums and fun parks, diving into the Cretan lifestyle has never been easier. To get you planning, here are some of our favourite activities in this sunny side of Crete that’ll help keep you occupied on your next holiday.

Splash around Hersonissos' waterpark trio

Hersonissos is home to not one, not two but three – yes, you read that right – waterparks.

First up is Watercity, which straddles the line between Hersonissos and the resort of Heraklion. In addition to an array of tube and body slides, wave pools and a lazy river, you’ve also got a whole menu of water games as well. You can zipline over pools or tumble across the water in a giant hamster ball.

Next is Star Beach, a smaller counterpart that’s attached to the beach. Here, you’ve got a handful of slides, a splash park, lazy river and even a bungee jumping tower.

Finally there’s the Acqua Plus Waterpark, the biggest in all of Crete. You’ve got everything you need here as far as water entertainment goes – sky high slides of every shape and size, a lazy river of its own and a huge kids’ area.

Escape the Minotaur in the Labyrinth Theme Park

The Labyrinth Theme Park isn’t your average park experience, but that’s why we love it.

This one’s all about the famous ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur in an elaborate labyrinth, and this time it’s you that has to escape, finding clues and checkpoints along the way. Once you’ve made it out, there’s a mini golf course, archery, a pottery workshop and an animal farm to explore.

Go for a round at the Crete Golf Club

The Crete Golf Club features the only golf course on the island, so if you’re in search of a round, this is your best shot.

It’s a full, 18-hole course with the mountains in one direction and the sea in the other, making for some pretty great views. The course boasts a desert-style layout, with each hole designed to fit in seamlessly with the landscape.

Also on offer here is a golf academy for newbies and a club house with a pro shop and restaurant for post-game celebrations.

Peer through a window into Greek life in the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum

There’s a good chance that the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum is unlike any museum you’ve been to before – it’s a lovingly-crafted spot that provides a window into the traditional Cretan lifestyle. The entire museum was made by hand through raw materials, just as the locals would have done.

Inside, you’ll find objects like a windmill, wine and olive oil-press, the interiors of traditional farmers’ houses, a folk art gallery, a shoe-making workshop and so much more, all of which encourage you to smell, taste and try them out, so that you can experience what it was like to live all those years ago.

Grab designer wares by the coast

Hersonissos might be filled with historic treasures, but it also has a few precious bits that are quite modern. We’re talking about the collection of shops with designer brands gathered along the coast, the presence of which can make for a delightful surprise to any shopaholic.

Down by the waterfront, you’ll find labels from the likes of Giorgio Armani, Diesel and Levi’s, in addition to traditional pieces of jewellery and Greek pottery.