A guide to the best restaurants in Hersonissos

With hundreds of dining options in Hersonissos, you’re sure to find something that suits your palate on your holiday to Greece. The waterfront has rows of chic restaurants boasting ocean-facing terraces and fresh seafood. Meanwhile, further into town are more laid-back, family-run spots dishing up traditional Cretan eats. On top of this, you’ll find surprise options like sushi and pizza, full English breakfasts and tiki cocktails to shake up your holiday dining routine.

Greek music at Taverna Harakas

Taverna Harakas is a family-run restaurant whose meals are the tip-top choice for Greek eats in the area. You’ll recognise many of the dishes on the menu – stifados, oven-cooked lamb and meatballs – but the house special Harakas sauce, the laid-back atmosphere with occasional live music and the beautiful outdoor courtyard are what sets it apart.

Packed fish platters at Zachos Taverna

Just off one of Hersonissos’ main squares, Zachos Taverna is almost always packed. The reason being a combination of the delicious mezze plates and humongous fish platters, with the casual atmosphere. It’s made even more relaxing with live music from local musicians and Greek dancing.

French-Caribbean at Med Cafe & Restaurant

The Med Cafe brings a little slice of the Caribbean to Hersonissos’ rocky shoreline, with tables along the coast and thatched umbrellas to shade you from the sun. The Greek fare here is all prepared with a French twist, but the cocktails are the stars of the show – they’re often served in jars, tiki glasses and buckets.

Home sweet home at Mythos

At Mythos, you can sample all the flavours of the Mediterranean from the restaurant’s homey interior or out on the street-side patio. The menu here is incredibly varied, and ranges from fresh seafood platters for two, to tender meats like beef and lamb, plus spaghetti carbonara and four-cheese pasta.

Worldly beans at Coffee Island

This little cafe’s name isn’t far from the truth – pop in, and you’ll be surrounded by a sea of coffee beans lining the walls. Their brews feature beans from all over the world, plus facts about the plantations they came from, and can be made into any drink you like – cappuccinos, espressos and lattes. It’s the only way to start your morning of your Greece holiday on this part of the island.

Familiar beers at The White Lion

The White Lion is your friendly local pub dialled up to 11, with a massive outdoor garden and tall cocktails to match. The fare here covers everything from fresh cuts of meat on the grill to English breakfasts, pizza, pasta and full racks of ribs. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a pint of your favourite British brew – plus Mythos, the local Greek beer – and watch your home team on TVs overhead.

Seaside treats at La Scala

La Scala directly overlooks the harbour, and even features a dock-like patio that borders the water and moored boats. The food at this seaside restaurant revolves around just that – the seaside! The menu boasts fresh fish like sea bass and salmon fillets, plus a range of pasta dishes and pizzas.

Champagne prawns at Kymata

This sushi spot adds a little variation from the menus you’ll find at other Hersonissos restaurants. The sushi and sashimi here are supremely fresh, as are the seafood starters like prawns in champagne sauce and classic calamari. But Kymata is like other restaurants in that it faces the waterfront and offers up gorgeous views of the sea.

Countryside cuisine at David Vegera

This restaurant features a little patio covered in vines that always seems to be full, so you’re best to arrive early and very hungry. David Vegera is out in the countryside and doesn’t take reservations. Cooked with simple recipes, the food here is traditional Greek cuisine, with dishes like rabbit stifado and veal, and starters like fried courgettes and dolmades.

DIY meats at Palmera Seaside Restaurant

As its name suggests, Palmera is on the coast and specialises in seafood dishes and gorgeous cuts of meat, some of which you can help cook on outdoor stove tops alongside your waiter. They also dish up some pretty scrumptious desserts, like flamed-in-front-of-you creme brulee and chocolate cake, so you’d be wise to leave room for a little something extra.