Best restaurants in Gouves

Dining in Gouves is largely a Greek affair – not exactly surprising, as you’re on a popular Greek island. There are tender lamb dishes in abundance and more raki than you’ll know what to do with. The restaurants in the village, known as Pano Gouves, tend to be more classic, family-run tavernas. While the eateries in Kato Gouves along the waterfront sprinkle a few British, Italian and even Japanese dishes into their menus.

Going Greek at Mylos

Mylos offers a great introduction to local food on Greece holiday, as its menu features many Greek classics with a little house-twist. The highlights here are succulent meats, stifados and moussaka, and if you come on the right night, you might find Greek dancing and live music. Mylos has pastas and pizzas on offer as well, if you’re after a different taste of the Mediterranean.

Fish cooked on your table at Medusa Restaurant

For fresh seafood-eats on your holidays to Greece, Medusa Restaurant should be your go-to. To prove just how fresh their fish is, the waiters will let you select what fillet you’d like, then often cook it at your table. Also on offer is octopus, calamari and mussels, plus meatier dishes like chicken souvlaki and sirloin steak.

Tender pork at Spyros Taverna

It’s hard not to feel at ease at the homely Spyros Taverna, which is hidden up in the hills in Pano Gouves. The fare is traditional Greek, with slow-cooked pork, steak in mushroom sauce and lamb kleftiko, capped off with homemade raki. The owner and staff partake in traditional Greek dancing throughout the week, which is a don’t-miss fete.

Sparkling cocktails at George Taverna Bar

George Taverna’s long list of dishes highlights local specialities plus a few international favourites. The portions here are delightfully huge, so make sure to arrive hungry and polish off plates of full swordfish or a fluffy omelette only made better with one of the restaurant’s sparkler-topped cocktails.

Extraordinary desserts at Island Restaurant

The Island is a coastal taverna located along the rocks, and features feathered members of staff in the form of a few parrots that bob around the branches outdoors. The top meals here consist of fresh fish dishes, such as battered prawns and lemon sole. Little extras, like mountainous ice cream sundaes, sweet waffles and cocktails decked with roses and wedges of fruit, make experiences here even better.

Chic harbourfront dining at Yacht Food Lounge Cafe

The Yacht – like many other yachts – is located along the harbourfront. It’s a chic little spot that offers an assortment of set menus, whose cuisine ranges from sea bream to meatballs. They even feature a full English breakfast, so you can start your day on the waterfront before heading down to the beach.

Tuna sashimi at Votsalo Resto – Grill & Sushi Bar

For an elegant dinner along the waterfront, Votsalo brings the upscale factor. The vast majority of dishes here revolve around Greek flavours, from whole fish fillets wrapped in prosciutto, chicken parmesan and seafood pasta, plus a new sushi menu with fresh rolls and sashimi.

You won’t find desserts on the menu, but complimentary plates of pancakes with ice cream will somehow materialise on your table.

Oven-cooked pizza at Atlantis Restaurant

This Greek taverna dishes up all the local classics, with heaping plates of moussaka and lamb kleftiko. Oven-cooked pizza and a few British and Chinese dishes round the menu out. If you’re travelling with little ones, there’s a kids play area out back that’ll keep tiny minds occupied throughout your meal.

Philly cheese steak sandwiches at Skorpios

The cuisine at Skorpios is for the worldly carnivore, in that they don’t just dish up Greek meats like oven-cooked lamb and sirloin steak, though they do that as well. The menu here also features a wide range of burgers, Philly cheese steak-style sandwiches and ribs, plus grilled fish and gyros.

Beachside drinks at Pella Restaurant

The main sign outside Pella advertises the place as a ‘snack bar’, but don’t let that mislead you. The dishes here are full-sized, and the restaurant is conveniently located just beside the sea, making it a top spot to swing by for post-beach eats. Here, you’ll find more Greek food, plus colourful cocktails and pints of beer to enjoy on the outdoor terrace.