A guide to the best restaurants in Vigla

You’ll find a varied range of restaurants and traditional tavernas serving delicious local food and even exotic cuisines in the Vigla area. Being by the coast means that dishes tend to revolve around fish and seafood, and you really can’t get much fresher when you dine in a beachfront eatery.

Traditional Greek atmosphere at Dimitri's

Perched on the hillside overlooking Kalami Bay and its beach, Dimitri’s is a welcoming, family-run restaurant that serves great dishes with a side order of stunning views. Ample portions of traditional Greek specialities, such as souvlaki, pastitsada and lamb kleftiko are on offer, as are several vegetarian dishes. Go for dinner when it’s ‘Greek night’ and you’ll be treated to live music and plate-smashing.

Enjoy the lively vibe at Kalami Beach Taverna

Sitting by the sands at Kalami is the laid-back and reasonably priced Kalami Beach Taverna. You’ll be treated to authentic Greek fish and seafood dishes that are fresh and delicious, with one of the most popular being the seafood linguine. Despite being in a busy location, the tables are well spaced out, providing a comfortable dining experience. Staff are friendly and attentive.

Affordable luxury at The White House Restaurant

The views across Kalami bay from The White House Restaurant are superb, with some tables being right by the water’s edge. Enjoy Greek and Mediterranean cuisine washed down with some local wine, then finish your meal with sweet and sticky baklava.

Feast on flavour at Taverna Kouloura

You’ll know for sure just how fresh the fish is at Taverna Kouloura, as they display it in the fridge indoors and you can choose exactly what you want. This traditional taverna has an idyllic setting overlooking Kouloura Bay and is a quiet place to enjoy classic dishes such as fried courgettes, Greek salads and sardines cooked over charcoal.