Sunshine Studios and Apartments

With a stay at the Sunshine Studios and Apartments, you’ll enjoy a laid-back holiday in a family-run retreat. The hotel is in a great location in the quiet part of Sidari. The studios and apartments are split into blocks spread across the hotel’s grounds, so you never feel overlooked.

A lounger-lined sun terrace surrounds the pool here, which comes with a children’s section. Each apartment has its own kitchenette with a small fridge to keep your drinks chilled, plus furnished balconies for al fresco dining. For supplies, a small supermarket is a five-minute stroll away. If you don’t feel like cooking, there’s a pool restaurant/bar that serves Greek food and cocktails.

Overview of Sidari

Sidari is most famous for the Canal d’Amour water channel that’s only a short walk away from the Sunshine Studios and Apartments. Although Sidari is a romantic destination, there’s also plenty on offer for families of all ages.

When you stay in Sidari during your holiday to Corfu, you’ll also find three beaches, a waterpark, plenty of water sports and horse-riding opportunities. Plus, thanks to the many bars and restaurants, there’s a lively nightlife scene. With a stay here, you’re entertained from sunrise to sunset!

Things to do in Sidari

The Sunshine Studios and Apartments is just a short stroll from Sidari’s main tourist attractions. After a 10-minute walk, you’ll reach the Canal d’Amour. A natural canal made by a series of rock formations, the rocks used to form an arch which has since eroded. Legend has it that any woman who swims the full length of the canal will win the man of her dreams!

After dark, the resort’s bars and restaurants come alive. No matter what food you fancy, the variety of restaurants down here will provide some tempting choices for you. There are traditional spots if you fancy the local cuisine, but family favourites are also widely available.

Sidari provides activities that will keep the whole family entertained. During your stay here, you’ll struggle to tell whether the adults or the children are enjoying it more.

Resort Summary

Situated on the north coast of Corfu, Sidari has sandy beaches and dramatic rock formations as well as excellent shopping opportunities. Night owls will always find plenty to do after the sun sets.

The family is well catered for here with a water park, lots of watersports and you can even drop in on the town’s local magician if you want to be wowed.