Sidari Water Park Hotel

Situated on the northern coastline of Corfu, the Sidari Water Park Hotel is the perfect destination for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to the Ionian island. With six water slides and an expansive pool for the children to enjoy, the hotel also has a poolside restaurant, set among the clean and modern architecture of the hotel’s main accommodation. Leave the peace and serenity of the resort and you’ll find yourself just a short walk away from all the bars, restaurants, and beaches of Sidari, while Corfu’s main town is only a 35-kilometre drive away.

Overview of Sidari, Corfu

The beautiful island of Corfu rests just a short distance from the western coastline of mainland Greece and is the second largest of the Ionian islands. Renowned for its warm and temperate climate, picturesque Mediterranean landscapes and a plethora of luxury resorts, you’ll find holidays to Corfu are all about making great memories with friends and family. Downtown Sidari is filled with bars, restaurants, and you can discover quiet coves along Corfu’s wondrous coastline during your stay here. Or why not take advantage of the white sands of Sidari’s main beach? Spend a day at one of the many water parks the island has to offer, or sunbathe in style, cocktail in hand, at the Sidari Water Park Hotel.

Things to do in Sidari, Corfu

A holiday to the Ionian island of Corfu wouldn’t be complete without a trip to some of the fantastic coves scattered along the Greek coastline. Take the short journey to La Grotta beach, and enjoy clear pools and beautiful sunbathing spots for a true Mediterranean experience. The bars and restaurants of Sidari have you covered when it comes to enjoying an atmospheric family meal by the ocean…but it’s the Sidari water park that will really get the kids excited. Looking for a bit of culture? Visit the historic main town of Corfu and absorb some traditional Greek heritage, great restaurants, and that famous hospitable atmosphere that the locals are renowned for.

Resort Summary

Situated on the north coast of Corfu, Sidari has sandy beaches and dramatic rock formations as well as excellent shopping opportunities. Night owls will always find plenty to do after the sun sets.

The family is well catered for here with a water park, lots of watersports and you can even drop in on the town’s local magician if you want to be wowed.