A guide to the best restaurants in Corfu Town

Corfu holidays are known for the island’s humid climate and green landscape, which means the ingredients grown on its soils are the biggest, freshest and juiciest around. You’ll find Greek cuisine tastes all the better for the Italian-style climate, and there’s no better place to get all the most popular local and international menus during your holidays to Corfu than the island’s capital, Corfu Town. It’s brimming with all types of restaurant so you can find whatever you fancy.

Everything is hand picked at Anthos Restaurant

Anthos is said to be one of the friendliest restaurants in Corfu Town. The owner is very welcoming and accommodating, serving the best local seafood with sauces and sides which have been chosen carefully to suit each fish. The care that goes into Anthos is clear even by the menus, which are all handwritten.

It's all about the atmosphere at Avli

At Avli you’ll find it hard to choose whether you’d rather sit inside or outside, both are so beautiful. The interior is designed in classic Greek rustic style, with the local wines lining the walls. Outside the terrace is surrounded by climbing plants, which creates an unbeatable dining atmosphere. The food is just as good, if not better.

Try the island's favourite at Pane e Souvlaki

Souvlaki is a traditional Greek street food which consists of skewers of meat, pitta, salad and potatoes. Pane e Souvlaki takes this to a whole new level, serving up piles of the nation’s favourite in a restaurant setting. This is quite probably the best souvlaki in Corfu.

A romantic evening at Salto Wine Bar & Bistro

Visit Salto for a quality night out with a cool bistro atmosphere. You won’t just get the same traditional Greek offering here, buts something special – excellent platters with Spanish influences.

Only the best at The Venetian Well

Venetian Well is tucked away in the depths of the old town, but well worth finding. This restaurant prepares its food with as much care over presentation as taste. Gourmet food, a luxurious atmosphere and stylish interior make The Venetian Well unbeatable – once you find it.

Sit parkside at Aegli

Situated just off The Liston – Corfu Town’s large park – Aegli attracts huge numbers of people to sit and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of the city. The menu is short and basic, but the food is top-notch, with all your Mediterranean favourites included.

Get cosy at Earth Cafe

Earth Cafe fuses the Mediterranean with America, serving up some of the best burgers you’ll find anywhere on the island. The interior is cosy and welcoming, and the coffee is also very good, so no pressure to eat if you’re just after a little pick-me-up.

The best pizza in town at La Tavola Calda

Nestled down one of the alleys near The Liston, La Tavola Calda serves delicious wood-fired pizzas. The desserts also come particularly recommended, both for their looks and their flavours, so you won’t want to skip pudding.

A quick stop at Stazei Meli

Whatever time of day, you’ve absolutely got to try the incredible Corfiot donuts at Stazei Meli. This little cafe does a great breakfast, lunch or dinner of ice cream and pastry. Anyone with a sweet tooth will surely make this their go-to for dessert.

Everything is as it should be at To Mike

You’ll not find a better all-rounder than To Mike with attentive staff, a simple menu, excellent preparation and delicious Corfiot and international dishes. This restaurant is the place for both a light lunch and a hearty dinner, and everything comes with excellent wine recommendations on request.