A guide to the best restaurants in Benitses

Benitses is one of the most famous fishing villages in not just Corfu, but all of Greece. As a result you can bet that many of the local tavernas focus their attention on seafood, freshly caught and perfectly prepared. If you’re in Benitses on your Corfu holidays, you’re lucky to have first dibs on all the fruits of the ocean. The food that grows on the island is bigger, juicier and more tasty than many of the eastern Greek islands because Corfu gets so much more humidity in the low season. This makes the food better, and your tummy happier.


Paxinos leads the way in Bentises due to its impeccable service and friendly atmosphere. The waiting staff will help you choose from their wide menu of grilled meat and fish, including traditional Greek food and some with more unusual twists. They produce their own wine and serve vegetables fresh from the garden.

Klimataria-Nikos Bellos

One of the prettiest tavernas in the area, Klimataria-Nikos Bellos is a family-run affair. You feel like you’re part of the crew at this restaurant, with the owners finding only the best ingredients for your food. There’s fresh fish daily and some of the best sardines on the island.

Tony and Alex's Restaurant

Make sure you start with the homemade bread, it’s excellent, but don’t fill up too early as the meal only gets better. This family-owned restaurant will cook up the best in Greek cuisine, such as moussaka and pastitsada – slow cooked spiced meat – with only the freshest local ingredients.

Taverna Zorbas

At Taverna Zorbas their mission is to fill their customers time after time. The plates are piled high with fantastic Corfiot dishes and people always leave with a full tummy and a smile on their face. The swordfish and Greek salad are particularly good.

Lotza Luxus Cafe

A large open air eating area makes Lotza Luxus one of the most atmospheric places to eat during your holiday to Greece. Whether after breakfast, lunch or dinner, this restaurant will find you something you’ll love on their menu of Greek classics.

Argo Taverna

This a truly beautiful restaurant. Surrounding a swimming pool, with climbing vines all around, you can sit down in Argo Taverna’s garden and let the restaurant whisk you away. The food is sensational and the service is very friendly.

La Pergola

La Pergola will cook you the best pizzas in Benitses, with fresh Greek ingredients used in Italian recipes – the perfect Mediterranean combination. Plus, they specialise in excellent mussels and shrimp, all caught that day by the local fishermen.


A social atmosphere, soft buzz of delighted conversation and friendly service makes Mythos one of the nicest places to spend an evening. The food is all traditional Greek, and very reasonably priced. Make sure you leave room for dessert – they’re massive.

Ristorante La Dolce Vita

Fantastic Italian food is on the menu at Ristorante La Dolce Vita. The terrace overlooks Benitses bay with gorgeous views of the horizon from every seat. Sip on a cocktail, chow down on a pizza and watch the day draw to a close. It’s an atmosphere like no other.

Avra on the Beach

Painted with all the colours of the rainbow, Avra on the Beach is the best place to relax by the sea and enjoy a meal at the same time. Fresh watermelon breakfasts with Greek yogurt and tasty moussaka dinners, whatever you’re after you’ll find it at this chilled out restaurant.