A guide to the best restaurants in Aghios Gordios

Aghios Gordios has a fantastic range of restaurants that showcase all the treats and delicacies of the cuisine in Corfu, which is particularly fresh and offers some of the best seafood in Greece. Most of the tavernas in Aghios Gordios have views over the ocean, and in these restaurants the fish specials in particular come highly recommended. If you’re planning holidays to Corfu, here are a few of our favourite haunts.

It's worth the walk at Taverna Sebastian

For the freshest and most beautifully prepared Greek cuisine, look no further than Taverna Sebastian. This classic Hellenic restaurant is perched above Aghios Gordios, and therefore there’s a bit of a stroll to reach its terraced seating area. It’s well worth it though, and you’ll be welcomed warmly.

Feast your eyes at Stevens On The Hill

Stevens On The Hill is more than just a restaurant, it’s a hotel, pool club and excellent lookout point for keen sunset watchers too. Eating at Stevens On The Hill is always an event, often accompanied by great family entertainment and amazing melon sculptures, which we bet you’ve never seen before.

Hear the ocean, taste the ocean, at Thalassa

Thalassa is a pretty taverna on the seafront serving Greek mains, mezze and pizza. The warm lights of the restaurant welcome you to dine on some incredible local seafood during your Corfu holidays, with the ocean right there beside you.

Be Greek at Ortholithi

Another idyllic seafront taverna, Ortholithi spends its nights entertaining its guests while also bringing them the best in traditional Greek specialities. Rembetika musicians and dancers often perform in the restaurant, encouraging customers to join in the festivities.

Everyone feels welcome at Theodoros Taverna

This friendly and expertly-run restaurant leads the way in home-cooked Greek food in Aghios Gordios. The staff serve stacks of kebabs or seafood as if you were dear friends. Great vegetarian options are available too such as veggie moussaka.

Feel the wind in your hair at Sea Breeze Restaurant

There is probably no better place in Aghios Gordios to watch the sunset. The Sea Breeze restaurant is blessed with a totally unobstructed horizon and open terrace. As the day draws to a close, the atmosphere is electric. As if that wasn’t enough, the food is tasty and fresh, and there’s regular traditional Greek entertainment.

Spend all day at AloBar

If you’re having a lazy day then this chilled out beach bar is a great place to relax and have a bite to eat. Calamari, fries and salads make up this great lunch spot, where the drinks are reasonable and the views incredible.

Just one more at ARK Kitchen Bar

Come for the food, stay for the cocktails. ARK Kitchen Bar, aside from being a great place to get a snack at lunch, is Aghios Gordios’ most impressive cocktail joint. Piled high to the sky with fresh fruit and decorated with straws galore, they will have you falling off your chair in no time.

You'll never be forgotten at Zefyros

The welcoming owners at Zefyros will cook you up a great mezze in no time, serve you attentively, and won’t forget you once you walk out that door. Their extensive menu also covers pizza, lamb kleftiko, Greek salad, pasta and other international food.

Your own strip of paradise at Black Rocks Seaside Restaurant and Bar

The Black Rocks Seaside Restaurant and Bar is raised above the sea on a rocky prominence set among trees. It’s an amazing location to sit and enjoy the charm of the area. This restaurant is spacious but has few tables, so it’s never too busy. The tasty and affordable food ranges from burgers to barbecue nights.