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Aghios Georgios

Aghios Georgios South Holidays

With a large activity-filled beach that is surrounded by smooth sand dunes, a saltwater lagoon and a lake filled with Greek wildlife, Aghios Georgios South holidays provides the most varied scenery in all of Corfu.

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St George South holidays

Not just a natural spectacle, this resort also offers an extensive selection of water sports, boat trips and some great restaurants and tavernas.

This area of Corfu is sometimes referred to as St George South to avoid confusing this area with Aghios Georgios North.

Holidays to Aghios Georgios South are ideal for couples and families who want to enjoy leisurely activities in the sun. Along the massive beach there is plenty of space to relax on while the trips on the water or through the countryside provide views of stunning nature.

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A resort based on beach life

This resort's beach stretches for a long 6km and there are two European Blue Flag awards flying above it indicating the safety and cleanliness of the space. It is also a wide spread beach so there is no problem finding a spacious patch of sand when the peak tourist seasons kick in.

There are water sports available to enjoy on the expansive ocean while there are dozens of venues to eat and drink behind the beach. By the more built up areas of the beach there are convenient facilities such as showers, toilets and changing rooms.

Beautiful aquatic areas

A great way to spend a day out in the Greek sunshine is to take trips to see surrounding towns and natural areas. There are miles of hiking trails to explore through the green hills as well as cycling paths and dirt roads to take a hired moped or quadbike through. Lake Korrision is a well-kept secret and not the easiest area to find but the trip to the beautiful area is worth it once you see all the vibrant pink flamingos and other exotic birds.

From the coast you're invited to take a daylong boat trip that leaves in the morning but allows you to spend hours sailing the Mediterranean Sea and finding striking areas along Corfu's coastline. The routes will vary between operators but some will take you to coastal caves, perhaps nearby islands while many want you to see and swim in the crystal clear water of the Blue Lagoon.

Long lasting nights

Evenings spent in Aghios Georgios South provide a calm and friendly atmosphere among the bars, pubs and tavernas in the resort. Most of the venues are found by the beach which means there are many ideal opportunities to drink and eat outdoors under the stars and by the ocean. There are several events and performers hosted at many venues and the fun can carry on long into the night if the staff and the patrons are all having a good time.

There is one location in Aghios Georgios South that is classed as a nightclub but even OhLaLa Club is on the small side. For a wild and crazy Corfu night out then take a 25 minute taxi down to Kavos where the party never stops.

Promenade shops

There is a decent selection of shopping facilities in this resort with many supermarkets found along the main road of Aghios Georgios. These shops are well stocked for those who are staying self-catering but also for people looking for ideal souvenir options.

Corfu Town is the island's most comprehensive option when it comes to shopping and you can reach the capital in 40 minutes by car.

Dinner with a view

There are superb options when it comes to meal times in Aghios Georgios South with the majority of eateries found along the beachfront. This area offers up wonderful places to enjoy a snack and a coffee through the day and a meal with wine at night.

The Balcony Restaurant is a delicious spot that has two floors for you to dine on. Upstairs is a great spot to enjoy Greek or Italian food while you dine in the open air. All waterfront restaurants are ideally placed at dusk to watch the sun set over the ocean.

Move around with ease

A 40 minute drive from Corfu Airport to Aghios Georgios South is all it takes to get your holiday truly started.

The resort is essentially laid out as one long street along the beach front with a few side roads. This means it is easy to navigate by car and even easier on foot.

If you want to travel around the natural areas of this resort then long and sometimes challenging walks through dunes and woods will take you there. Alternatively you can make similar trips to wildlife areas on hired mopeds, quadbikes and bicycles.

Best time of the year to visit

The beach, ocean and all of the surrounding wildlife by Aghios Georgios South looks fantastic underneath the hot Mediterranean sunshine. Fortunately, the weather here is almost unnaturally clear all year long with summer highs of 31C and temperatures that sit above 20C at night in July and August.

Some of the restaurants, bars and tavernas shut down for the winter season here so even though the resort is less crowded, there are less facilities to utilise during your stay in the off seasons.