Fun Facts About Egypt

Much of what we know and love about Egypt hails from its astonishing ancient era accomplishments, in which it was a leading civilisation that produced amazing art, architecture and legends.

However, as more of us make our way to Egypt to partake in the splendours of the Red Sea and the hospitality of places like Sharm el Sheikh, the wonders of this country are as compelling today as they were in the past.

Rainfall in Egypt is rare

You may think this is a no-brainer, but Egypt’s little rainfall is actually pretty astonishing. Egypt boasts sunshine all year round and in terms of rain, between October to December you may experience an average of 7mm rain – that’s all!

Egypt's pyramids are the second largest on earth

Yes, you read that correctly. In terms of acreage and volume, the Great Cholula Pyramid of Mexico covers almost 40 acres, in contrast to the Great Pyramid of Giza’s 12 acres. The Great Cholula also has a volume of 4.3 million cubic yards, while the Great Pyramid has a volume of 3.3 million yards.

Egypt's ingenuity led to the Age of Exploration

As much as 2,200 years ago, the great mind of Eratosthenes successfully calculated the angle of the earth’s tilt, as well as the circumference of the entire planet.