A guide to the best beaches in Protaras

Because it’s on the eastern side of Cyprus, you know Protaras is going to have access to some of the best beaches the Mediterranean can offer. Whether you’re after a beach party, a family day out under the sun or access to the hidden nature trails this island is famous for, a stay in Protaras during your Cyprus holidays gives you access to the best beaches around.

Protaras Beach

It stands to reason the beach named after the town would be one of the busiest, although it’s hardly surprising when you consider the glorious golden sand and the clear, warm sea water. It’s definitely a popular place for watersport fans, as well as families – and make sure you take advantage of the frequent boat trips to nearby Famagusta, which offer a great chance to both relax and soak in the sights while you cross the waves.

Fig Tree Bay

It’s not a complete trip to Protaras until you’ve seen Fig Tree Bay, so named for the famous tree said to have been brought here in the 17th century. This area is without a doubt the most famous beach in town, and that means plenty of crowds – but also plenty of activities, backed by a range of hotels and facilities where food, drink and shops are in easy reach. White sand and rich blue sea make the popularity of this place far from surprising – and those of you with an adventurous side can swim out to the nearby island, which welcomes exploring tourists.

Kapparis Beach

The more relaxed and laid-back beaches around Protaras are to be found north and south of the town – and if you head northwards, you’re likely to chance across the gorgeous sights of Kapparis Beach. There are fellow holidaymakers and some facilities to be found here, though nowhere near the numbers at Fig Tree Bay or Protaras Beach. That gives you plenty of time and space to enjoy the sweeping sand, the sparkling sea and the permanent Cyprus sun.

Louma Beach

This spot is a good compromise – it has the watersports, facilities and liveliness of the more popular beaches, but still keeps the charm, tranquillity and beauty of more secluded spots. It’s a great mixture – the best of both worlds – and the man-made bay that cups the beach ensures calm seas and soft winds prevail in this relaxing area.

Green Bay

Some consider this a hidden treasure, as it seems only those in the know can actually find it. Green Bay is south of Protaras Beach, and features loungers and parasols to rent upon its gorgeous creamy sands. What makes this area notable is that the surrounding cliffs and hills feature several flat areas where picnickers like to set up, making for a glorious view to go with their food.

Potami Beach

North of Protaras, Potami Beach is known for its gentle, shallow water, which makes it popular with holidaymakers looking to get the little ones out wading and paddling. There are hotels and amenities nearby, and sunbeds along smooth flat sands to be enjoyed.