A guide to things to do in Protaras

You’re exploring a fun part of Cyprus with a small-town feel and a laid-back outlook, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be short of ways to spend your time. Protaras is famous for its food, culture and natural beauty, with much more besides – so whether you want to follow the crowds or go your own way on your Cyprus holidays, you don’t need to stay idle very long.

Explore the sights of Cape Greco

Grand white cliffs and stretches of rugged countryside define Cape Greco, which juts out of the southern tip of Cyprus into that sumptuous Mediterranean water.

From the heights, you can take in stunning views in every direction, from the Cyprus plains to the sprawl of the sea, and there are sea caves to swim into, volcanic rocks lining the path and some guided tours that can be booked. Either way, those of you looking to get back to nature will appreciate what the region can offer.

Trek past ancient ruins and sumptuous coastlines

Even if you don’t go as far out as Cape Greco, you can still dedicate an afternoon to walking across the countryside, taking in antique churches with their striking rich-red brickwork, before following the beach-front paths around to the sandy shores of Konnos Beach. The walk takes in sights both natural and man-made, and is ideal for strolling off a large lunch at the taverna.

Eat out all over town

You’ll have plenty of traditional Cypriot food to choose from – think baklava, mezes and halloumi. But there’s so much more to the culinary landscape of Protaras than the local fare – in fact, the town is famous for the rich diversity of its food and drink. From pizza and steak to sushi and dim sum, every corner of the planet has restaurant representation here in Protaras. The wines aren’t to be missed either – Cypriot vintages and international tipples by the bottle, all compete to grace your table.

Get wet with some water sports

If you spend any time at Fig Tree Bay, the most popular beach in the area, you’ll come across jetskis and motorboats whizzing over the waves, together with parasailing and water-skiing. Banana boats are also available to those preferring a tamer adventure – but however experienced you are, there’s definitely the chance to go wild at sea. If you’re a first-time adrenaline junkie, there are instructors throughout Protaras who are more than happy to show you the ropes in everything from paragliding to windsurfing.

Celebrate spring with the flower festival

Cypriots mark all manner of occasions throughout the year, and if you book holiday packages to Cyprus in the spring, you’ll have the chance to join the locals in celebrating Anthestiria. The coming of springtime is marked throughout town by huge blossoming flowers, bringing even more colour and vitality to the place. You can also rest assured there’ll be food and drink to spare during the festivities.

See every colour of the rainbow at Magic Dancing Water

This beautifully-crafted show uses streams of water and smoke to create incredibly intricate patterns and designs, set to music and lit up with colour. The craftsmanship behind it all is ingenious, and both kids and parents will be blown away by the performance. It’s a hugely popular attraction, so it’s a good idea to book seats in advance.

Get involved with the nightlife

From sports bars to karaoke, from tribute acts to local performers, Protaras has a nightlife scene that strikes the perfect balance between off-the-scale and tranquil. If you’re after a quiet night drinking with friends, there are bars across town to cater to you – and if you’re after dancing, partying and fun until sunrise, there are plenty of venues offering just that too.