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Dubrovnik Holidays

Croatia's capital provides a beautiful blend of holiday satisfaction. Modern facilities, ancient surroundings and a stunning coastline make Dubrovnik holidays one of the best choices in Europe.

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An enlightening city

A city that seamlessly connects the old with the new, Dubrovnik is filled with beautifully historic regions as well as plenty of modern places where tourists can get comfortable. Much of the city's beauty is protected by the ancient city walls that surround the region, even along the cliffed coastline.

There are plenty of ways to explore the traditional charm of Dubrovnik with walking tours, boat trips and a sky high cable car presenting just some of the options.

The city also presents a fantastic selection of shopping and dining facilities. With the amount to see and do, this charismatic destination can be enjoyed by travellers of all ages.

Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Croatian kuna
  • Croatian
  • GMT + 2

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The old town of Dubrovnik is the city's most iconic spot. A whitewashed collection of buildings by the coast, each with terracotta roofs that contrast beautifully with the blue waters surrounding the area. You can experience the town from every angle by walking through the cobbled, narrow streets, taking a boat from the harbour, or jumping into the cable-car that gives a perfect birdseye view across the whole city.

There are other fascinating areas to tour around Dubrovnik with large brick forts sitting atop cliffs, stone towers that can be climbed and peaceful islands that can be visited after a peaceful boat ride.

If you're aiming to kick things up a gear then you can get active with water sports ranging from sea kayaking to scuba diving. On land you get see the surrounding terrain via dune buggy rides or cycling and moped tours.

Nightlife in the old town

Dubrovnik is stylish both day and night so you can settle into some classy surroundings once the sun sets. There are some delightful wine bars, some featuring cave-styled surroundings for you to get cosy in.

The old town is also a favourite spot for those searching for fun at night. The building faces are dimly lit to set a soothing ambience while cocktail bars, lounges and pubs provide comfortable places to sit, drink and chat. Those looking for livelier music clubs will find louder tunes blaring from Culture Club Revelin and the Onofrio Ice Bar.

Charming keepsakes

There are Croatian treasures to be found throughout Dubrovnik with wines, jewellery and clothing found in a variety of styles and prices. Typically the old town provides some of the most traditional gift opportunities. Rose liqueur, carob brandy, bajadera chocolate and Croatian cheese are some of the tastes you can take home with you.

Within Gunduliceva Square there is a morning market held where handcrafted goods, local produce and ornaments can be purchased.

Terrific dining choices

There are over 300 eateries to sample across Dubrovnik so you're guaranteed to find a flavour to suit all appetites and cravings. Tourists are taken care of with a wide spread of European themes while Croatian cuisine is best represented by the Mediterranean restaurants with a dash of Eastern European and Middle Eastern food thrown in too.

Waterside dining is offered in abundance by the beaches and the harbour of the old town. Villa Ruza Restaurant is a beautiful spot to taste seafood next to the source while Otto Taverna serves delicious meals from seating underneath a brick-tunnel.

Small old town, large city limits

The actual city of Dubrovnik is around half an hour north of Dubrovnik Airport. Your transfer time will vary slightly depending on the location of your accommodation in respect to the city.

The old town is full of twists and turns but is small enough to traverse by foot. To move around the wider area of the city, buses and taxis are available if you choose not to hire a car.

Best time of year to visit

The beaches and old town of Dubrovnik all look spectacular underneath the summer sunshine. The busiest tourist season coincides with the best weather conditions with the average highs reaching 21°C in May before peaking at 28°C in July and August before falling to 19°C in October.

Since 1950 Dubrovnik has hosted its own superb summer festival which lasts from July 10 to August 25. The long celebration sees dramatic, musical, operatic and ballet performances throughout the town with thousands of people flying in from all over the world to see it.