Nightlife in Dubrovnik

Holidays to Croatia wouldn’t be complete without sampling the exciting nightlife scene found in Dubrovnik. Though things can be a little quiet during the winter months, it really kicks up a notch in the summer. There’s plenty to see and do, particularly in the Old Town area which houses a good number of live music venues, bars and clubs. Whether you’re a jazz fanatic or simply want to dance the evening away, the Dubrovnik and Croatia nightlife scene will have something to help you while away a few pleasant hours.

Unleash your inner wine expert at La Bodega

Surrounded by the city walls, La Bodega combines the heritage charm of an old tavern with the chic styling of a contemporary wine cellar to offer an upmarket experience like no other. Unusually, the venue is split over four stunning floors and is something of a trendsetter, having made wine afternoons popular.

Serving up a delicious selection of cooked meats, cheeses and over 250 local wines, La Bodega transforms from a laid-back eatery to a lively dance venue at night with live music and tasty cocktails. The finely crafted décor really lends itself to a good time too.

Make potholing more palatable at Cave Bar More

If the idea of exploring underground caves sounds like fun, Cave Bar More could be the perfect option for you. A key player in the Dubrovnik nightlife scene, this interesting bar is found below Hotel More and is accessed via a lift or a set of stairs. An illuminated tunnel takes you down into the depths of a beautifully finished cave.

Surrounded by carved stone walls, you can really relax and unwind with a drink here. The bar will happily accommodate for private events too as there are three separate floors.

Dance up a storm at Culture Club Revelin

Far from being an average nightclub, Culture Club Revelin takes evening entertainment and the best nightlife in Dubrovnik to a whole new level by balancing live music and dance shows with DJ led events. Celebrity DJ’s are a regular addition to the impressive events roster, and the drinks never stop flowing in this modern and bright club.

As popular with locals as it is tourists, the venue is usually jam-packed but you can book a private table. Given that most people stay until the very early hours, you’ll be glad of somewhere to recharge.

Go from day to night at Eastwest

The ultimate one-stop evening spot, Eastwest seamlessly transforms from a daytime beach bar into a chic bar and seafood restaurant. After offering some delicious cuisine, the restaurant becomes a modern nightclub, complete with funky lighting, sociable seating and an open-air lounge.

Staying open until the sun comes up, the club regularly plays host to some fantastic DJ’s who keep the vibe going until it’s time to go to bed. It’s never a bad idea to get a good meal before dancing all night, so this handy location can cater to all needs.

Appreciate some live music at Jazz Café Troubadour

Dancing until the early hours is all well and good but for a more chilled evening, check out the Jazz Café Troubadour. Don’t be deceived by the bijou proportions of the venue itself, as it’s home to some of the most incredible live music performances. In summer, things go al fresco which is great for breathtaking views of the cathedral. The café stays open until the early hours allowing for a grown-up evening without the pressure of staying on your feet the whole time.

It’s a matter of opinion as to where the best area to stay for Dubrovnik nightlife is but if you’re close to the old city walls, you won’t go too far wrong. With some of the most well-known and lively bars, clubs and restaurants in the whole of Croatia, you’ll be spoilt for choice.