Srebreno Holidays 2024/2025

When it comes to easy-going Croatian beach holidays in the sunshine, Srebreno is at your service. At its core is a sleepy little beach that’s backed by hikeable mountains, but history-charged Dubrovnik is just a short drive away along the coast and you can reach peaceful Mlini via the promenade.

Srebreno Holiday Deals

Lazy days

This sleepy little town is largely a fishing village, primed for rest and relaxation with a quiet pine-backed beach away from the noise and commotion of other not-too-distant resorts. In a way, Srebreno is Dubrovnik‘s suburb, as the two are so close in proximity. Warm, quiet and cloaked in sunshine, Srebreno is the definition of a well-deserved holiday escape.

Srebreno Beach is this teeny resort’s main point of attraction. It’s a skinny sliver of pebbled coastline that becomes sand once you venture out into the water. At your back, you’ll find a small cluster of cafes and bars that lead off towards a grove of pine trees and mountains.

Out to sea you can try a handful of watersports like kayaking and boat cruises, but cross over into the neighbouring resort of Mlini, and you’ll find a few more to explore. The two resorts are connected by a waterfront promenade. Both are relatively quiet in vibes, so if it’s a lively beach scene you’re looking for, head over to Dubrovnik’s Banje Beach, which rests at the foot of the city’s walls.

Mountain trails

There’s not much going on in Srebreno outside of lounging on the beach, but if you’ve chosen this destination for your Croatia holiday, we have a feeling you won’t mind. Those mountains flanking the coastline are criss-crossed with hiking trails, so leisurely walks are always on the horizon should you manage to peel yourself up from your lounger. The views from up into the mountainside and overlooking the sea are supreme.

Once you cross into Dubrovnik, there’s no limit to the activities you can get up to, from the incredibly well-preserved Old Town to the cable car scaling up into the hillside. This city is a stunner no matter what way you look at it.

Coastal dining

When visiting resorts in Croatia’s southern region, you can expect heaps of seafood. And considering Srebreno is a fishing village, double those expectations. There are a few cafes and bars, many hocking light bites and Croatian cuisine like the Ruzmarin Gastro bar or the Garden Pub.

Dining options multiply in Dubrovnik, and the city’s close proximity to Srebreno means you won’t have trouble hitting the town for the odd meal, or four. There, you’ll find hundreds of spots to dine and a wide selection of cuisines to match. Or the little town of Mlini and its Croatian fare is even closer, joined to Srebreno by a seaside promenade.

The same goes for nightlife in this corner of Croatia, in that holidaymakers look to Dubrovnik, for serious after-hours fun. Dubrovnik is home to clubs in centuries-old fortresses, cocktail bars and lounges.

But if venturing outside of Srebreno isn’t on your menu, you can always pick up a bottle of Croatian wine and settle into the beach or your hotel. Croatia is known for its appreciation of and long-lasting love affair with vino.

Staying in Srebreno

Many visitors to Srebreno choose to stay in the sleek and upscale Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel. This 4* stunner is right along the pebbled beach and, on top of this, offers an array of swimming pools to choose from. It’s also within easy taxi-distance of Dubrovnik. After all, staying in Srebreno is a hassle-free way of keeping Dubrovnik’s amenities within your grasp, while still maintaining that air of peace and quiet.


When the mood strikes for a dash of the cosmopolitan, Dubrovnik and its historic Old Town are only a 15-minute drive away. And when you’re ready to slow down again, it’s back to Srebreno. In the ways of well-rounded holidays, the two are the ultimate pair.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in and of itself, Dubrovnik is a top pick for the well-cultured holidaymaker. It’s also been used as a backdrop for ‘Game of Thrones’, so don’t be surprised if you spot a GOT cast member from across the dancefloor at one of its clubs. Dubrovnik is packed with fortresses, monasteries and palaces, and is also a jumping-off point for many nearby islands.


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