A guide to the best restaurants in Playa Blanca

In Playa Blanca you’ll always find a restaurant to suit your budget and taste buds. The variety of cuisines on offer in Playa Blanca, and the quality that’s maintained, means you can easily have something completely different each night. Here are some of the best restaurants to be found in Playa Blanca.

Hearty breakfasts at The Irish Anvil Bar and Restaurant

Offering fun evening entertainment, a hearty Irish breakfast and traditional evening meals, the Irish Anvil Bar and Restaurant is a great choice for those looking for somewhere familiar, friendly and fun.

Tasty tapas at Tiki Bar

A small bar with a modern feel serving cocktails and a small but perfectly executed range of tapas, with some flavours you might not expect. Salmon, goats cheese and soy sauce, anyone? Sounds like it might not work but trust us, it does.

Sea views at Bodegon Las Tapas

A pleasant tapas bar overlooking the sea, the Bodegan Las Tapas isn’t the cheapest tapas option in Playa Blanca, but its quality and the option to get full or half portions allowing more variety means it’s always going to deliver.

European cuisine at Blue Note Lanzarote

With a jazz-bar feel and a pleasant marina setting, Blue Note Lanzarote is a great choice for those nights when you don’t want to risk getting something you might not enjoy. With a variety of European dishes on offer and the option to sit at the bar or a table, this is a versatile restaurant with an excellent atmosphere and reliable service.

Fine dining at La Chalanita Restaurante

Another restaurant with a wide enough variety of options to please even the fussiest group of diners. At La Chalanita Restaurante you can expect something a bit pricier than average but a quality that’s unusual for somewhere dealing with so many different cuisines.

Indian fare at Spice Fusion

On at least one night of your stay you’re likely to want something a little different. Serving up all of our favourite Indian dishes – and some you might not have heard of – to a high standard, Spice Fusion is a good choice for an evening where another plate of tapas just seems too much.

Oriental delights at Jumbo

Being so used to our local takeaways means we forget what authentic Oriental food can taste like. A no-fuss chow mein is sometimes perfect, but don’t expect one from the increasingly popular Jumbo restaurant – instead, expect Chinese food handmade by people who know how good Chinese food can be.

Stunning backgrounds at Brisa Marina

Brisa Marina is one of the most popular restaurants in Playa Blanca. Known more for its excellent setting overlooking the town beach and sea, expect simple fair served well and a lively atmosphere in high season.

American-style grub at Chaco Fresh Burger

A small, great value American-style burger bar. If it’s something quick and filling you’re looking for and you’re not too fussed about formality, then Chaco Fresh burger bar is definitely worth checking out.

Italian dishes at L'Artista

With plenty of Italian options to choose from in Playa Blanca, on nights where you’re looking for the right place to get pasta or pizza you might find yourself swamped. However, L’Artista manages to stand out from the crowd, due its honest, authentic food, fast and friendly service and a setting that has views of the seafront but is slightly set back from the busy promenade.