Playa Blanca Holidays 2024/2025

Translated literally as ‘white beach’, Playa Blanca is the southernmost resort for holidays to Lanzarote and the second most popular after Puerto del Carmen. Known for its beaches, harbour and its proximity to the best of Lanzarote’s natural landscapes, this resort offers an enviable level of choice when it comes to accommodation and evenings out.

Playa Blanca Holiday Deals

Right in the action

In the centre of Playa Blanca you’ll find its namesake – a small but perfectly formed beach with distinctive white sand. Then head east about 10 minutes away from the town centre and you’ll find Playa Dorado, the ‘golden beach’, which is a great family-friendly place full of things to do.

Wander in the opposite direction and you’ll find Playa Flamingo and an amazing 50-metre tall lighthouse. Also east and slightly beyond Playa Dorado are the Papagayo coves, perhaps Lanzarote’s most unique and charming set of beaches.

Marina Rubicon is a relatively new addition to life in Playa Blanca, but has since become one of its defining features. A modern, fully-functioning marina complete with dozens of stunning boats, designer boutiques and a cluster of classy restaurants and bars means that this area is reminiscent of the resort Puerto Calero, otherwise known as ‘millionaire’s harbour’.

Playa Blanca’s beaches

In the centre of town is Playa Blanca’s main beach, which also happens to be called Playa Blanca. However, Playa Blanca – the town isn’t just home to Playa Blanca – the beach. Perhaps its most attractive feature is that it’s home to several beaches, all with their own characters and things to do.

Playa Blanca – the beach is known for its white sand and, despite being in the centre of the town, is the quietest of the three. On the east side of the resort is Playa Dorado, the ‘golden beach’, that due to its protection from waves is great for families with young children.

You’ll also find it’s the best of the three for water based activities. On the west side of Playa Blanca – the town is Playa Flamingo, which is home to an excellent promenade catering extremely well for tourists.

Papagayo coves

However, probably the highlight of Playa Blanca’s beaches are the Papagayo coves. These are more difficult to reach than the other three, but they are possible to reach by car, and if you’re feeling adventurous then you can get there on foot along the water’s edge this will involve a bit of climbing.

Once you arrive you’ll be rewarded with a series of isolated coves surrounded by natural cliffs, and somewhere with a bit more privacy than other Lanzarote holiday destinations.

Marina Rubicon

One of Lanzarote’s newest harbours, the Marina Rubicon is a definite must-visit if you happen to stay in Playa Blanca. A five minute drive or a 15-minute walk along the promenade will take to you this upmarket area designed specifically with couples in mind. A stroll along the promenade and a candlelit meal with views over the harbour makes for a perfect romantic evening out, not far from some of the top Lanzarote All Inclusive hotels.

Fitting in with the impressive display of gently bobbing yachts are the shops and boutiques, offering kinds of retail therapy unavailable in the main town. And as well as upmarket, designer options, if you find yourself there on a Wednesday or Saturday morning you’ll find a delightful market selling local produce and handmade gifts.

Going out

Along Playa Blanca’s central promenade is an impressive selection of restaurants, bars and tavernas. As with most of the resorts in Lanzarote you’ll find cuisines from all over the world, with all the different vibes and price ranges available to you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

While the nightlife here isn’t quite as buzzing as Puerto del Carmen, there are still bars open till 6am and plenty of opportunities to dance to some live music. When the night begins it’s a good idea to head to one the two commercial centres, Centro Comercial Papagayo and Centro Comercial Punta Limones, to check out the karaokes, discos and cocktails bars, and choose somewhere that feels right.

Natural beauty

Playa Blanca is situated perfectly for the opportunity to enjoy the best of Lanzarote’s natural beauty. 20 minutes away by car is the remarkable El Golfo, home to Lago Verde, or ‘the green lagoon’. This half-moon shaped lagoon is said to have its bright green colour as a result of the organisms that thrive on its unique volcanic minerals.

Slightly north of Playa Blanca is the area of Los Hervideros. This stretch of bizarrely shaped cliffs and series of underwater caves was formed by erosion and the solidification of lava. One of the special things to see here is the way the crash up through the holes and caves, giving the strange impression of volcanic activity. And slightly further north is Timanfaya National Park, where you can get a closer look at the heat that lies just under Lanzarote‘s surface.

Daytrips to Fuerteventura

If you’re looking for something a bit different, then another of Playa Blanca’s desirable features are the ferries that leave for day trips to the nearby island of Fuerteventura. After only a 15-minute boat journey you’ll be on a whole new Canary Island, getting a sense of just how amazing and varied this part of the world can be.


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