Gran Rey hotel

The Gran Rey Hotel boasts a seafront location and a dramatic mountainous backdrop. Looks-wise, it has a traditional feel, with lemon-painted exteriors.

When you fancy taking a dip, there’s a rooftop pool that’s fringed with loungers and parasols. Its location means you get great views across the valley of Gran Rey.

For meals, there’s a third-floor restaurant complete with an outdoor terrace. For breakfast, you can help yourself to favourites and dine al fresco. In the evening, it doubles up as an a la carte restaurant. Down on the ground floor, dinner’s served as a buffet, with a great selection of Canarian and international dishes.

Overview of Valle Gran Rey

La Gomera is the quietest of Spain’s Canary Islands and provides holidaymakers with a different type of break. On a holiday to La Gomera, you’ll enjoy empty, secluded beaches, mountains with hiking trails and traditional villages.

Although La Gomera is only a small island, it has bags of character. It’s also a Unesco World Biosphere Reserve, so the landscape is stunning. When you travel away from the Gran Rey Hotel, you’re more likely to find-family run bars and restaurants than neon-lit bars and high-rise buildings.

Things to do in La Gomera

The Gran Rey Hotel is pulled up next to the promenade in La Puntilla on the coast of Valle Gran Rey, so you have the beach right on your doorstep. Plus, there’s a host of restaurants, bars and a pretty harbour just a 10-minute walk away. From the Valle Gran Rey harbour, you can take boat trips around the island.

During your stay, you’re also surrounded by rugged mountains, so hiking’s incredibly popular. If you’re unsure of the best routes, you can book walking trips at reception.

Enjoy a new perspective on the Canary Islands with a stay in La Gomera. You’ll want to lace up your walking boots and explore every inch.

Resort Summary

This beach-break resort is situated on the island’s west coast, where you’ll find lots of traditional villages cascading down the mountainside, right up to the stunning coastline. It’s not a place where you’ll find much hustle and bustle; in fact, this relaxed town has a population of approximately 4,000 people. Therefore, tourists tend to choose Valle Gran Rey holidays over the livelier towns across the other Canary Islands, which are known for being more crowded spots.

Although the way of life in Valle Gran Rey is slow paced and calming, you can expect to find a 50:50 mix of locals to tourists. Many of those who choose to live or holiday here tend to have a keen interest in water sports, scuba diving and surfing, or a general appreciation for stunning coastal views.