Valle Gran Rey Holidays 2024/2025

Nestled in a deep, steep-sided valley allowing breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean lies Valle Gran Rey, a former fishing village in La Gomera. This popular tourist destination has become loved for its long stretches of black sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, making holidays to La Gomera an appealing choice for those who enjoy scenic views and a tranquil ambience.

Valle Gran Rey Holiday Deals

A break from the buzz

This beach-break resort is situated on the island’s west coast, where you’ll find lots of traditional villages cascading down the mountainside, right up to the stunning coastline. It’s not a place where you’ll find much hustle and bustle; in fact, this relaxed town has a population of approximately 4,000 people. Therefore, tourists tend to choose Valle Gran Rey holidays over the livelier towns across the other Canary Islands, which are known for being more crowded spots.

Although the way of life in Valle Gran Rey is slow paced and calming, you can expect to find a 50:50 mix of locals to tourists. Many of those who choose to live or holiday here tend to have a keen interest in water sports, scuba diving and surfing, or a general appreciation for stunning coastal views.

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  • The secluded secret of the Canaries

    Once a sleepy fishing village, it’s worth remembering that although holidays to Valle Gran Rey are becoming increasingly popular, they still act as a secluded break. There are no airports yet on the island – instead, guests are required to travel via ferry to San Sebastian port first.

    From here, it takes about an hour or so to drive across La Gomera and get to Valle Gran Rey. As La Gomera is home to a plethora of idyllic towns, palm-tree-lined beaches and cliff-faced lookout points, the trip is an incredible way to stop off and admire some of the most beautiful scenes.

    Water wonders

    Among the many beautiful beaches, La Calera is the favourite among those who enjoy scuba diving and various water activities. Just a 15-minute walk from Valle Gran Rey, the deep waters sit at the foot of the most picturesque mountain of whitewashed houses and roof terraces, also making it a popular attraction for those who love to hike.

    Other shorelines that sit along this former island capital include El Charco del Conde, Playa del Ingles and Las Vueltas. Each beach boasts its own unique qualities, which range from beautiful waters, rocky landscapes and nudist spots.

    The districts worth exploring

    If you plan on looking at holidays in Valle Gran Rey Spain and staying for a week or more, you’ll quickly realise it’s dotted with a quaint dining and drinking scene. If you wish to try out different Mediterranean-themed eateries with a change of beach view, it’s worth checking out the neighbouring districts each day or night.

    The main one tourists tend to check out first is La Playa, which features a small promenade, perfect for relaxing at the array of terraced cafés. For a more upmarket village lined with attractive hotels and holiday complexes, you’ll find La Puntilla. This village has a small lagoon called Charco del Conde, a place worth putting on your must-see list.

    La Calera is one of the more scenic areas, perched on a steep mountainside entwined with stairways and lanes. There aren’t too many dining options here, but you’ll find it’s a favourite among hikers and water-sports enthusiasts who enjoy a quiet drink and a bite to eat.

    If you appreciate spectacular sunsets, peaceful beaches and a restful atmosphere, a holiday to the secluded valley of Valle Gran Rey will not disappoint. In fact, after a day of admiring the dazzling blue waters and strolling along the old winding roads, you’ll instantly feel as if you’ve ventured to a much-needed retreat.


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