Roc Lago Park Apartments

There’s plenty for busy and active families at the Roc Lago Park Apartments. For starters, there’s a playground where kids can play, and some pretty gardens. The pool is split into adult and children’s sections. There’s also a snack bar nearby where you can tuck into light bites. The loungers also have views across the marina.

International cuisine is served at the buffet restaurant and you can start your day with either a hot or a cold breakfast. In the evening, the outdoor terrace hosts a mini-disco. While kids cut loose on the stage, you can grab a cocktail from the snack bar.

Overview of Cala n Bosch

Menorca is the most low-key of the Balearic Islands. Compared to Majorca and Ibiza, it’s relatively tranquil, making it popular with families. On holidays to Menorca, many visitors flock to the safe, child-friendly beaches and rugged, natural landscapes. There’s always plenty of space on the shoreline, so it’s a top spot for kids to play.

Away from the beaches, Menorca is a haven for explorers. Hiking trails and coastal footpaths criss-cross the island. Inland, the rural countryside is dotted with sleepy villages, olive groves and beautiful scenery.

It’s not all sleepy, though, and surrounding the Roc Lago Park Apartments there are waterparks, karting centres and play parks.

Things to do in Menorca

The rooms at the Roc Lago Park Apartments are set in pretty gardens beside the marina, so for a relaxing day you can put your feet up while modern longboats coast by the pool terrace.

For something more active, you’re only five minutes away from a waterpark. Aquarock is the largest waterpark in Menorca, so expect adrenaline-pumping slides, child-friendly splash bars and even a karting track.

In the evening, the restaurants in Cala’n Bosch marina open their doors. Many specialise in seafood, but plenty serve up British classics.

Menorca is great fun for all the family. Throughout your stay, you’ll struggle to work out whether you or your kids are enjoying it more!

Resort Summary

The luscious deep greens of the soft dunes which surround this gorgeous horseshoe bay act as a tranquil shelter for those lucky enough to lie on its golden sands. The surrounding landscape, which is punctuated rarely by a small, tiled roof or sun-bleached white wall, make for a beautiful and calming atmosphere. There are few things as fun to do as witnessing all the wonders beneath the waves. And the Mediterranean sea boasts some of the most breathtaking sea life, coastal geography, and underwater beauties in the world.