Articles about the Balearic Islands

Planning a trip to the Balearic Islands? Browse our articles for food guides, the best beaches and key information about MajorcaMenorca and Ibiza. Our informative articles feature all you need to know about these Mediterranean wonders, including a guide to golfing in Majorca and the best clubs in Ibiza.

A guide to golf in Majorca

Majorca is one of Spain’s best-loved golfing destinations. With over 20 courses visited by thousands of avid players every year, you’ll be delighted to find such an intriguing golf community in the Mediterranean.

A guide to the best day trips in Majorca

For many intrepid holidaymakers, a strong level of adventure is crucial if they are to enjoy their holiday. For others, you might want options for days out to fit in between days lying in the sun and feasting on great Mediterranean cuisine. From guided tours, to solo boat trips, and aquariums to museums, Majorca’s got it all. Here are some of our favourite day trips, and we’re confident they’ll soon be yours too.

How to do Ibiza with the kids

Ibiza isn’t just one of most incredible party destinations in the world, it’s also a much loved destination for families looking to get away for a while. Whether you and your little ones are looking for a relaxing time in the sunshine, or a fun filled adventure complete with thrilling activities, Ibiza has you covered. You can make this incredible island in the Balearics your family favourite, just follow these simple steps.

The best waterparks in Majorca

Whoever you’re travelling with waterparks are a big hit and sure to be on your list of things to check out when in Majorca. This beautiful island has the largest influx of tourism of any of the Balearics, meaning it has become very good at providing waterparks for you to cool down and have fun at.

What food is there to eat in the Balearics?

If you’re a food lover and looking for a holiday that’ll tickle your tastebuds as well as tan that torso, then you can stop your search. The Balearics is chock full of incredible cuisine, fresh ingredients and traditional specialities, sometimes with modern twists.

Ibiza by Day – the Other Side of the Island

Most people know Ibiza as the party capital of Europe, but this island has much more to offer than just late-night clubbing and a never-ending fountain of cocktails. Days in Ibiza are filled by getting in touch with the local culture at museums and shops, setting sail on a private cruise or just catching some much-needed sleep on a tranquil beach. The fun starts well before the sun sets.

A guide to the best clubs in Ibiza

The beaches are gorgeous and the food is mouthwatering, but it’s the clubs visitors seek out most when travelling to Ibiza. The island is famous for its non-stop party atmosphere, with some of the most renowned – and biggest – clubs on the planet lining its shores, most of which are in Ibiza Town, San Antonio Town and Playa den Bossa.

A guide to the best markets in Majorca

A lot of the island’s markets have been around for hundreds of years, bringing fresh produce to Majorca’s inhabitants, and now to tourists everywhere. When wandering through the maze of stalls, you can expect to see handmade crafts, leather goods, clothing, jewellery, fruits and veggies and much, much more. The markets are often very busy in the afternoon, so getting there early and enjoying the cool, morning weather is usually a good idea.

Where are the best beaches in the Balearics?

To say that the Balearics are treated to some seriously beautiful beaches would be an understatement. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, these islands are privy to a gorgeously warm climate and sea breezes that keep the air just the right temperature for lounging on the shore.