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Your Helpful Map to the Monthly Temperatures Around the World

Compare your favourite destination temperatures with our weather around the world guide. It couldn’t be simpler, just hover over your chosen destination on our handy map and find a list of the average monthly temperatures.

Whether you want to know if Morocco is sizzling in June or how cold Iceland is in December, we have the world covered. We’ve split the map into four continents, making it easier for you to find your dream holiday destination and not mention our fun facts.

Check out the countries in the Caribbean – the perfect winter warmer, stay close to home with some European delights, heat things up in our favourite African destinations or head to the other side of the world in Southeast Asia.

Did you know the Caribbean boasts high temperatures all year-round? Or it’s said that the hottest recorded temperature on earth is 54°C!

You’ll be a weather guru in no time with our weather around the world map.

Decided Thailand has the ideal temperature for your next holiday? Or maybe Mexico’s relentless warmth has won you over? Whichever destination has tickled your fancy, find a fantastic deal at a discounted price here at Holiday Hypermarket.