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Would Sir Prefer The Duck Or A Big Trout?

Skyscanner, the flight search specialists, have come up with a list of the world’s funniest, weirdest and downright rude airport names.

Airports such as Deception, Crooked Lake, Slave Lake or Asbestos Hill in Canada, Danger Bay, Deadhorse, Eek or Battle Mountain in the USA, and Mafia Airport in Tanzania, would perhaps be airports best avoided.

While Raspberry Strait (USA), Big Trout (Canada), Pickle Lake (Canada) and Duck (USA) all sound like gourmet delights. Old Crow (Canada), Pratt (USA) Ponce (Puerto Rico) Moron (Mongolia) and Gaylord (USA) will either cause serious offence, or raise a wry smile.

Some airport codes would make many a child (and grown up) giggle with BUM (Butler Airport, USA), SEX (Sembach Airport in Germany), POO (Pocos de Caldes in Brazil) and PEE (Perm in Russia) all highly likely to raise a few eyebrows when your flight tickets land on your doormat.

I hope you don’t have to be over a certain weight to land at FAT (Fresno Yosemite, USA) and likewise imagine if only underweight people could land at EAT (Wenatchee, USA).

Maybe man’s best friend would appreciate a visit to DOG (Dongola in Qatar) while your other four legged pets might enjoy CAT (Cat Island in the Bahamas).