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World’s Most Travelled Man Says “Fly Me To The Moon…”

A Brit has officially become the world’s most travelled man after clocking up an amazing 15 million miles, the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back a staggering 31 times.

Fred Finn Travels Thousands Of Miles For His Beloved Cheese

Fred Finn, 70 holds the official record for ‘the most miles travelled by a passenger’, and has visited an incredible 70% of the world’s nations.

Somewhat amazingly, Fred didn’t take his first flight until he was 18, but that was enough to catch the bug as he flew from a small airfield in Hampshire, UK to New York via Scotland and Iceland, a journey that took 18 hours.

Fred was brought up in Exmouth, Devon and despite now living in the Ukraine with his wife, Alla, regularly flies the 1,714 miles back to the south coast to stock up on his favourite cheddar cheese.

He has kept a log of every journey he has ever taken, either by plane or by train, and has had it counter-signed by every pilot or driver to authenticate it.

The retired international license manager travelled a lot through work and was lucky enough to travel on Concorde a staggering 718 times, another world record, and always sat in seat 9a having discovered very early on that this was the seat that they always started serving the food and drink from.

His relationship with Concorde was a long and distinguished one as he was on the return journey of the very first flight on May 26th 1976 from Washington back to London and was also lucky enough to be on its last flight from New York to London on October 25th 2003.

Concorde was Fred’s favourite way to travel due to its speed and he also holds the world record for the most number of flights with them in one day! He arrived in London for breakfast, flew back to New York arriving just in time for breakfast there, got his urgent contracts signed and returned to London that day.

Fred's Favourite Method Of Transport Was Concorde

He has also managed to fly Concorde from New York to London on the morning flight, take a connecting flight to Kenya and be at his desk ready for work in Nairobi the very next morning.

His work took him all over the world, to countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Chile, Nigeria and Dubai, and he states his favourite location in the world as Kenya, not only because he manages an orphanage there but also due to the friendly people, stunning scenery and great fishing in the edge of Lake Victoria.

Fred says the worst country he has ever visited is Nigeria due to the lawlessness; dry climate and conmen who appear to want to just rip everyone off.

Having travelled all over the world there aren’t many places left for him to visit, and he admits that there isn’t really anywhere else on earth he is interested in going, however he does have his sights set on one particular place…the moon!