What’s Better Than A Selfie Stick?


Amazing Invention No. 1: The Camera Phone. Great for taking photos on the go. Users can take some excellent pictures of their travels and their friends without lugging around a separate camera. Fantastic!

Amazing Invention No. 2: The Front-Facing Phone Camera. The addition of a camera on the front of the phone is brilliant for including yourself when you want photographic evidence of what you and your mates got up to. This cool extra gave rise to the selfie revolution.

Amazing Invention No. 3: The Selfie Stick. A wonderful invention that meant you could combine the advantages of Amazing Invention No. 1 and Amazing Invention No. 2 — by holding the camera at a distance, the selfie stick allows you to get you, your mates, and some of the background into the shot. So now you can actually prove that you’ve been to the Statue of Liberty or the Sydney Opera House.

Amazing Invention No. 4: The Giga Selfie. This amazing creation takes thinks a step further – or rather, hundreds of feet further. Using the Giga Selfie means you can get a picture of you, pouting with your mates in the usual way, in a beautiful or amazing tourist spot. The image is a close-up — so far, so selfie stick. But it then pans out to reveal the beautiful location you’re standing in, until your group is just a dot in the distance. That must be an amazing extendable selfie stick, right? Well, it’s a little bit more sophisticated than that.

The Giga Selfie has been created by the Australian Tourist Board specifically to appeal to Japanese tourists, who apparently are even more into their selfies than we are. The promotional page is currently in Japanese, although there are plans to translate the instructions internationally. Before they get around to that, let us explain how it works.

First of all, you need to sign up to the service. Then, standing in a predetermined spot in the Australian tourist location of your choice (Bondi Beach, say), you log in through the app and look in the direction it indicates. You probably won’t be able to see it, but you’re posing in the direction of an incredibly powerful camera with a telephoto lens which is pre-positioned to show the beautiful landscape you’re standing in to its best advantage. First the camera focusses on you, then it zooms out. It then sends the resulting image (well, video really) directly to your phone. Voila, the perfect selfie! This video, starring top Japanese model and media personality Ren Ishikawa, will make you instantly want to go to Australia and have a go.

Which is exactly, of course, what Tourism Australia is hoping for. They developed this idea as part of the ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ campaign, alongside airlines and travel agencies. The rest of the campaign is a little more traditional, focussing on a TV advert and associated release of the music featured in the ad, and promotion of Australia as a great destination for foodies.