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Wearable Tech for Travellers

One of the fun things about planning your trip abroad is the holiday shopping. Of course, you absolutely must have some new swimwear, and those sandals look a bit worn out… Plus, it’s not just your fashion but your technology that needs upgrading. Remember when we all moved from packing bulky cameras with huge lenses to compact cameras and from real books to kindles? Well now, we’re looking at even smaller and more convenient tech, so get ready for:


What is it? A tiny camera that you can pin to your jacket or hat, which will take a number of pictures a minute automatically. It stores them in the cloud, and you can then choose to share your favourites via social media.

What’s the advantage? This hands free device means no more fumbling for your phone when you want a photo and it may serendipitously come up with some gems. It’s also more discreet than taking out your smart phone if you’re nervous of your valuables.

What’s the disadvantage? There’s no screen, no way to take a picture yourself and no way to focus, so you don’t have a lot of artistic choice, as with a normal camera.

What’s the cost? $149 with free shipping worldwide.

Where can I buy it? Get it via Memoto’s shop

Google Glass

What is it? Google Glass is the much talked about Sci-Fi-looking headset that gives you the ability to use voice commands to take a picture, upload that photo to social media and give it a caption. You can also use it as a search engine, finding out, say, information about flights and the weather at your destination.

What’s the advantage? Primarily the convenience of it being hands free. Plus, you look like an early adopter of some very desirable technology.

What’s the disadvantage? People around you may be uncomfortable, in case you are taking images of them without permission. Also, you may not wish to visibly look like a geek.

What’s the cost? $1500.

Where can I buy it? Via Google’s store

Apple Watch

What is it? Effectively, the Apple Watch is a mini smart phone on your wrist. The device is available in several colours and finishes to suit most tastes, and you navigate via a side mounted knob that looks similar to one on an analogue watch, rather than a touch screen.

What’s the advantage? The Apple Watch can take control of things back home, making sure that doors are locked and reassuring you that the burglar alarm is set via wireless communication with your home security. You can also check into hotels ad unlock the door of your room with it. You can pull up boarding information and check travel delays, or use other travel apps without having to pull your phone from your pocket.

What’s the disadvantage? The battery doesn’t last too long and you still need to link it to an iPhone.

What’s the cost? £300 upwards.

Where can I buy it? From the Apple Store, from early April onwards.

Whatever the advantages and disadvantages of these gadgets, it’s always fun to be among the first to try something new and report back. Today: Memoto. Tomorrow: personal photographic drones to fly around you and take auto selfies?