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The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Magaluf

If you’re a club connoisseur or could ace a PhD in cocktails, you’ve probably heard of Magaluf, the shining nightlife star in sunny Majorca. And if you haven’t, allow us to introduce you.

Meet Magaluf, a much-loved holiday destination made famous by its year-round sun, gorgeous beaches and, most importantly, its dizzying array of bars and clubs. It’s where nights-out become mornings-out and tequila practically flows from the taps. With more than 100 bars and clubs scattered around town, it’s no wonder this busy island spot is affectionately known as ‘Disneyland for adults’.

For someone who’s never set foot beneath its neon lights, Magaluf’s after-hours scene can be overwhelming, and that’s where we come in. From where to be seen, how much to spend and what to expect, we’ve got the low-down on nightlife in Magaluf.

The highlights

The nightlife zones in Magaluf are generally divided into two areas – the main strip – also known as the ‘Punta Ballena’ – and BCM Square. They’re both within walking distance of one another, which means you won’t have trouble hopping between the two. But you’re best off starting from the bottom of the main strip and working your way up so you can scope out the night’s potential at the more than 50 bars and clubs found on this neon-lit street alone.

We know this statement is typically a generalisation, but we absolutely mean it when we say that in Magaluf, there’s a club for just about everything. Theme, music genre, cocktail list, you name it. It all depends on where you go. Themed spots like the Baywatch Bar are a house favourite, along with the ever-classic Coyote Ugly bar. When it comes to music, Magaluf doesn’t take it quite as seriously as other European clubbing meccas – eh-em, Ibiza – but that doesn’t mean world-famous DJs don’t pop round for a cup of tea every now and again.

A handful of Magaluf’s clubs break the mould, though. Mallorca Rocks is one of those well-rounded clubs that’s one part hotel, two parts music venue and three parts awesome. Each day beside the pool brings a new music genre, with everything from funk and soul to indie pop, all the way to house music and reggae. And if you’re staying at the chic hotel, the party atmosphere is at your doorstep 24/7.

Speaking of mould-breakers, that brings us to BCM, Magaluf’s super club. It’s one of the biggest and brightest in Europe, and frequently hosts names like Tiesto, Skrillex and Calvin Harris, along with water, foam and yes, even popcorn parties. It’ll cost you 30 euros to get in, but that pretty penny will be all but forgotten when the other shoe drops – after you pay the entrance fee, it’s an open bar. All. Night. We’ll let that one sink in for a while.

Party for le$$

Because the nightlife market in Magaluf is a little, shall we say, saturated – mostly with alcohol – the bars and clubs here know they have to do something pretty special to get your attention. That can mean massive themed-parties and top performers, but more often than not it means one bright and shiny thing for you – drink deals.

Most of the clubs come with an entrance fee, but you can sometimes skirt around the price tag with the purchase of a wristband. For instance, with the MCP – Magaluf Club Pass, for a flat wristband fee, you’ll get access to six venues, including some of the best in the area like Boomerangs, Tokio Joes and Banana Disco. Passes are good for one day or one week, and they’ll essentially eliminate the queuing factor.

We know the last thing you want to do is Google a club instead of actually going there, but trust us, it pays to check out what deals are available before you go. It’ll also give you a good idea of what themed parties or shows are on when you’re in town, as you should always buy tickets in advance where possible. The bigger the show, the more likely it is to be sold out way in advance. And nobody wants to be left out in the cold in Magaluf, though we’re not even sure that’s possible given the gorgeous weather.

Switching things up

We have a feeling that if you came to Magaluf, you did so because you’re ready to party. But if we judged this wrong – you’ll be happy to learn that the after-hours scene in Magaluf isn’t all about bars and clubs. It’s not even all after-hours.

Magaluf’s stunningly warm weather makes way for booze cruises, where you can enjoy all the finer things this sunny party playground has to offer. There are also dinner venues like Pirates Reloaded that’ll treat you to a meal and a swashbuckling show, not to mention a heady bar atmosphere once the night goes on.

And while we love long nights as much as the next guy, don’t fear a night off or out on a different town. Palma, Majorca’s capital, is a quick, cheap bus ride away, and a breath of fresh air. Then there’s the beach, of course. It’s a Blue Flag award-winning stretch of white sand, backed by a promenade that’s dotted with bars and restaurants. When you aren’t resting up from a night out, you can grab a drink along the coast and soak up the sun with a little something sweet.

Surviving a night out in Magaluf – what to pack

If you’re partying in Magaluf, you’re going to need the essentials. Here are a few basics you won’t want to forget.

  • Sun cream – This one’s a no-brainer, perhaps, but easy to forget when you’re three cocktails deep, and doubly important if you’re out sunbathing on a booze cruise.
  • Solid shoes – Flip-flops have no place in Magaluf, except at the beach. Wearing flip-flops to a club here is like wearing a bikini to Mt Everest. Seriously ill-advised. The same goes for high heels. You’re going to be on your feet way into the evening, so you’re best off bringing a solid pair of flats or cute trainers that’ll keep your feet smiling all night.
  • White clothing – White parties are a daily occurrence across Magaluf’s clubs, and you’ll want to join in the fun. If you bring white clothes you won’t mind getting paint splattered on, you’re in even better shape, as the only thing more fun than a white party is a paint party.
  • Fancy dress – Carting along a fancy dress outfit might seem just plain suitcase-cluttering at first, but think of it more as an investment. Club organisers love getting groups in dressed to impress, and are likely to give you a group drink discount. Plus, you’ll look fabulous.

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