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UK to Introduce an Ombudsman for Travel Complaints

There has been good news for travellers this month wherever they’re off to as plans for a “Travel Ombudsman” have been confirmed.

Much like the Financial Ombudsman deals with complaints from consumers regarding banking and financial matters, and Ofgem (the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) makes sure that the energy industry is regulated and fair, the Travel Ombudsman will lay down decisions relating to any problems that consumers may have when travelling.

The Civil Aviation Authority, which has proposed and confirmed the plans, says that the ombudsman will create “quick, fair and binding solutions” to disputes. This, they say, has not necessarily been the case in the past, when they themselves handled passenger complaints.

Iain Osborne, the CAA group director of regulatory policy said “We are moving forward with these proposals to make sure consumers get the very best level of support when in dispute with an airline.

“It can’t be right that many air passengers have to go to court to get a concrete resolution to their complaint – especially when they can easily go to an independent ombudsman with an unresolved telecoms, energy or financial services problem.

“We are not prepared to let that situation continue and moving towards an ombudsman-style approach for aviation will make sure air passengers benefit from the quick, fair and certain approach to dispute resolution that has long been the norm in other major consumer markets.”

We welcome the news – now you don’t need to know all about flying to feel reassured that you’ll have a good trip.