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UK Hits Top Three Most Desirable Global Travel Destinations

UK holidays have international appeal as a recent survey has put Britain at the number two spot on the list of most desirable holiday destinations worldwide.

The survey from Visa accounted for the opinions of 11,000 holidaymakers drawn from all over the world in order to find out their thoughts on where the most popular places to visit are. USA took the top spot, mostly thanks to the almost bewildering variety of activities and attractions on offer across its vastly different fifty states.

However, the UK came in at a very close second, showing that the appeal of our culture attractions, stunning scenery and friendly atmosphere means that travellers are eager to come from across the whole globe in order to experience a holiday in Britain.

“With great cultural diversity, amazing scenery and a shopping paradise for holidaymakers, it is no surprise that one in five people say they are likely to visit the US in the next two years,” said Ross Jackson, head of cross-border business at Visa. “The UK was cited as the second favourite destination and of those who want to visit the UK, 27 percent said they are likely to attend a sporting event,” he added.

British sporting culture is clearly another feather in the cap of UK tourism, especially when you consider the wide variety of well-equipped sports stadiums and other facilities that allow locals and visitors alike to enjoy a well-played match of whichever sport they particularly enjoy.

The intrinsic beauty and variety of the UK also has the benefit of making “staycations” a joy rather than a compromise, with so much of the UK providing appealing holiday spots.