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The Truth About Airlines Seat Pitch

Airlines have spent recent years investing in their aircraft to make them as economical and efficient as possible. They have tested bio-fuel and looked at ways to reduce weight – including down-sizing luggage allowances. Seating on-board has become lighter and smaller, which is great for cost saving but not always as friendly on our bottoms. We have put together a handy chart to find out which airline is the best in terms of seat pitch, which is the distance from the headrest to the tray table in front, plus the width of the seat.

Surprisingly, Ryanair comes out on top with a seat pitch of 30 inches and EasyJet for a width of 18 inches. But when it comes to flying long-haul, the stylish Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft from Thomson Airways has a huge 33 inches seat pitch while British Airways has the widest at 18.9 inches. Most of the other airlines are similar in size but there are a few that stand out from the crowd. Look for the airlines below offering the larger seat pitch and if you really must have that extra legroom, you might find long haul flying ticks all the right boxes.

Thomson Airways have recently changed their long-haul product for the better and are now competing with large scheduled operators by offering complementary drinks on all their long-haul flights.

Thomson and First Choice also offer new routes next year such as Costa Rica, plus the continued route of Thailand and Mauritius, giving long-haul travellers even more choice to take advantage of. The airline also offers a two class service – Economy Club and Premium Club. The Premium Club service has great benefits, including a Rituals cosmetics amenity kit, 9” seatback TV and a massive 38” seat pitch. Upgrades can be found from around £200 per person return.

The Annoying Passenger

Airlines have faced a modern dilemma in the last year after one story in the papers made big waves with frequent flyers – the Knee Defender. This small and cheap gadget prevents passengers from reclining their seats and squashing the person behind them. Some airlines restricted the recline on the seats in response whilst others banned the gadgets completely. See the video below and decide for yourself.

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