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Travelling with Kids? Book a half-term trip that won’t cost a packet

Even though the kids are back in the classrooms, it can be difficult not to think of taking a holiday, perhaps to a spot where it’s warmer or there’s a sandy beach nearby. If you’re lucky enough to have booked a late holiday this October half-term, here are some tips to keep in mind when travelling with kids:

Booking your holiday

Short-haul flights with small children are easier to manage but they’re lighter on your pocket as well since the Airport Passenger Duties increased earlier this year. Whereas a long-haul flight to Florida for four can cost around £300, duties for flying to Turkey can cost only £50.

Have a look at your baggage allowance, which will vary depending on the class and type of ticket that you choose. It’s important to be aware of excess baggage fees and to check the weight and size guidelines before you fly. Note that some airlines allow for extra baggage for those travelling with babies, but it’s still essential to check before you fly.

At the airport

Travelling with kids requires additional preparation for many things from snacks and warm clothing to wet wipes and holdalls. Try not to leave it until the airport, however, to exchange your currency as this can result in your losing money. You can check online to find the day’s exchange rate and visit a currency exchange specialist to ensure you don’t get short-changed.

Finding somewhere to eat at the airport with tired, fussy children en tow can be exhausting. Pack a few of their favourite healthy snacks to keep their energy levels up. If you have a smartphone or iPad, preload it with games or educational apps that can keep your child entertained for a few blissful minutes – but remember to tuck into your hand luggage before you check in your bags.

Weather & restaurants

It’s exciting to travel to a new country, but it’s not easy to predict weather patterns, particularly in October. Keep your eyes open for activities that can be done inside (all-inclusive resorts have great kids clubs) and always pack a jumper.

Trying new foods is part of the appeal of travelling, but many children don’t enjoy strong flavours or exotic dishes. Stop in at the local supermarket and get some cheap snacks that the kids can enjoy, and when you venture out in the evenings opt for larger restaurants that have kids’ menus and which also serve international fare.

Safe travels and remember your sunscreen!