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The Best Hotels in Costa Rica

The Best Hotels in Costa Rica

If there’s one part of South America that’s gaining quite a following with both ecotourists and traditional travellers, it’s Costa Rica. It comes as no surprise as this tropical country hosts wonderful landscapes from the lush landscapes that house some of the greatest biodiversity in the world, through to both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

The capital, San Jose, is a gorgeous city full of history, architecture and smiles, while coastal communities like Playa Tamarindo evoke Latin spirit like nowhere else. Wherever you roam in Costa Rica, relaxation and a zeal for life is sure to follow, and it’s woven into the fabric of the country’s philosophy in a way that’s all but infectious.

Of course, during your time exploring this sublime destination, you’re going to want somewhere to retreat between adventures, and Costa Rica’s got plenty to offer you in that regard. Here are our recommended hotel hotspots for your upcoming Costa Rican adventure, and you’re sure to make your time in this wonderful place that bit more special.

Dreams Las Mareas

Dreams Las Mareas-el Jobo Costa Rica ri_elj_0129

Located close to El Jobo, a cosy seaside community where laidback living is the way forward, Dream La Mareas is secluded and opulent, surrounded on all sides by rich green woodland and countryside.

Staying here feels like uncovering a secret village filled with smiling people keen to see your every whim met and satisfied, and with options available such as spa days, filling meals, and dance lessons.

Although Dreams Las Mareas is a sheltered place where relaxation reigns supreme, what really brings this location to life is its passion for staying active. That means you’re going to have a host of ways to have fun in the sun open to you, from beach football and beach olympics to water aerobics, scuba diving lessons and kite surfing.

Dreams Las Mareas

El Jobo, Costa Rica





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Esplendor Tamarindo


You could say that Playa Tamarindo already has plenty of splendours to go around, but don’t pass up the chance to stay at Esplendor Tamarindo for a slick modern hotel that keeps you in the heart of the action.

A swim-up bar garlands the fringes of the infinity pool at the heart of Esplendor Tamarindo, where it feels like you could butterfly-kick your way out into the sky, fluttering above the treetops. Of course, even if that were possible, that’d mean you’d be missing out on the sumptuous surroundings of the hotel grounds itself, which evoke the kind of minimalistic chic of Scandinavia with a Latin twist.

For many visitors though, the true treat of Esplendor Tamarindo rests in the free shuttle bus service that connects you to the activities, sunshine and cuisine of the nearby beach club. Make a stretch of paradise your own over cocktails and conversation.

Esplendor Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica





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Riu Palace Costa Rica


With its swimming pools flanked by loungers both beside and within the water, this is one accommodation option where they like to spoil you a little differently. Four pools await you at Riu Palace Costa Rica, while laced between them are hundreds of rooms where your comfort and relaxation are at the top of the agenda.

A standout dynamic at Riu Palace Costa Rica is the variety of entertainment available to you, which keeps the laughs and intrigue coming around the clock. Live music and cabaret acts light up your evenings, while daytime options lean on the more serene side of the equation. Lounge bars, cocktail bars and even a rustic tavern or two round off a good selection of places to while away the hours in good company.

Could not fetch deal.

Westin Playa Conchal Hotel


When you really need to get away from it all, but without sacrificing any of the cosy community spirit that Costa Rica thrives on, Westin Playa Conchal Hotel is a great solution. Playa Conchal itself is a gorgeous beach that’s pretty quiet when compared to its neighbours, which is an immediate advantage to the hotel’s location just a couple of minutes’ walk away.

Inside, Westin Playa Conchal Hotel oozes tropical charm and Latin American flair. Bright white walls tucked under sunny terracotta rooftops give you all the inspiration you need, yet the real centrepiece, in more ways than one, is the swimming pool, which curves and weaves among patios and buildings beautifully. We wouldn’t blame you for lingering in its warmth all day.

Westin Playa Conchal Hotel

Playa Conchal, Costa Rica





Was £1815pp

From families to couples, from adventurers to those looking for some R&R, Costa Rica’s hotels each do their utmost to make your stay a fantastic one. What do you think is the one defining characteristic of a truly excellent hotel?